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Al Gore EarthE Money 'Slow'


Use Al Gore eco money to help stop global warming.


Print and give this EarthE eco money - or any of the other EarthE Money designs - to honor friends when they do something sweet for our planet. /earthy/


Other ways to honor others for their ecological actions and choices include:

= give them an EarthE kiss, hug or EarthE wink for an ecological choice

= create/design your own EarthE Money to give your friends

(post your EarthE Money designs to )

= send a nice poem or an artsy email thanking them for an eco action

= throw a party to honor one or more friends for their eco actions

= offer an EarthE credit$ to environmental customers

= give something you have handmade to honor an eco friend

= check out for more eco thank you ideas


For the eco brave, challenge friends to take an environmental action, while promising to give them a reward for completing the action.


Today, companies will promise us a thousand rewards for buying more junk, and try to con us into pandering our friends that buy the junk.


So today, our biosphere needs each Earth lover to reward their friends for doing the ecological thing.


Join us at to help manifest a world that honors people for helping the planet -- and stops rewarding people for hurting it.


For The Life, Stele Ely


ps: The best new EarthE ideas posted to will be added to the homepage.


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Uploaded on December 14, 2007