• pumpkin
  • oka
  • yellow bush bean
  • chickpea
  • tomatoe
  • strawberry
  • fennel
  • parsley and chive
  • artichoke
  • koussa
  • sweet pea
  • cantaloupe
  • broccoli
  • tomatoe - they are everywhere
  • lettuce
  • nasturtium
  • mint
  • kale
  • carrot - all gone now
  • cucumber

Harvest time

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the chickpeas, beans and carrots were eaten today

  1. hmle2002 106 months ago | reply

    So pretty! I love that your garden has edible things with beautiful things (the flowers). What kind of flowers are they? (edible?)

  2. Ada / dirtyolive 106 months ago | reply

    yes, edible - nasturtiums

  3. ElizabethRobertson 106 months ago | reply

    Very exciting! You have a lovely garden.

  4. the third fish 106 months ago | reply

    Wow...so beautiful...it gives me inspiration for next year.

  5. Ada / dirtyolive 106 months ago | reply

    what are you talking about, thirdfish?
    your garden is wonderful!

  6. the third fish 106 months ago | reply

    I mean the bricks and the beautiful layout...it is just very esthetically pleasing. My spacing wasn't so great....oh well, garden and learn...

  7. Banlieusardises 105 months ago | reply

    Wow, there's so much order, it's impressive! My garden looks ordered at the begining of the season, but never in the end ;-)

  8. Ada / dirtyolive 105 months ago | reply

    thanks everyone for your kind comments
    i would say this is only beginners luck though. At first, I thought I had spaced things out too much but in the end, it gives them extra sunlight and room to grow. I hope I have the same planning ability next time.

  9. Elizabeth_ jE. 104 months ago | reply

    Haha, looks great! :)

  10. geraron 103 months ago | reply

    What a complete edible garden do you have. Is like going to the market.

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