Aircraft of the R.A.F. and S.A.A.F. during World War II in Colour
World War Two ended 72 years ago, and nearly all of us that use the Net today did not witness any of it. Everything we know we read in books, viewed in photos and saw in newsreels of the time.
Colour photography was in its infancy in 1939 therefore more than 90% of those images were recorded in black and white.Fortunately there were people who took colour photos,and today these images gives us a rare view(on our own "colour" terms) into those happenings of so long ago.
This set contains aircraft used by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain including Fleet Air Arm and to a lesser extent the South African Air Force,as well as other Allies in the British Commomwealth.....and a few other odds and ends.

I am aware that some of these images may be subject to copyright, and will gladly remove any such items if so requested by the genuine holder of the rights.
In no way is any income derived from this set and the sole pupose is to share with fellow aircraft enthusiasts and modellers .
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