Queen Elizabeth in 1945

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    A bit off topic, but a remarkable image of a young queen Elizabeth in uniform sixty nine years ago, and to think she is still with us today!

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    1. Latium 71 months ago | reply

      I hope you have sent HM a copy, because it is a grand likeness ;-)

    2. Etiennedup 71 months ago | reply

      Ha, Ha!.......with all the goings on with the Labour party, me thinks the M'am have other things on he mind.
      By the way, my mom is the same age,and still expresses an opinion on anything and anybody, who cares to listen.

    3. Latium 71 months ago | reply

      Too right and so she should! ;-))

    4. diversdream 64 months ago | reply

      Pity that the current idiots in the 'house of windsor' didn't pay attention to the Queen Mum's stories - she was the last royal member that i ever had any time for - but that's just me.

      The way she championed the Arthur Harris Statue and then her determination to be the one that opened it outside St Clement Danes (dare one say guilt over his treatment after the war!??), even while people in Germany Objected to it and local protests took place.

      (a did you know - its one of the most graffitied and damaged statues in London after only being on display for a very short time - red paint seems to be favorite of the cretins concerned - i mean why can Churchill and others who gave the orders be respected yet Harris who carried them out be so abused by both history and 'authors' who don't know what the hell they are talking about with one or two exceptions.
      Max Harris is one in particular that is on the top of my cretin list calling Harris a butcher because his nickname was Butch was not only an insult to the man but also completely inaccurate.

      His nickname was due to his one word communication skills, and if he was so 'bad' a commander why do his airman fight to this very day if any one stupidly denigrates his memory.
      As a guy said to me on the phone only today in the Battle of Britain we bombed targets but got no credit - 600 odd airman died in that period in Fighter Command Bomber COMMAND WAS MUCH HIGHER, as was Coastal.

      As to Bert Harris his attitude was simple - a dam good commander that cared for his aircrew and ground staff more then members of the Air Ministry and was crucified for it.

      One last did you Know Bert's only son died so maybe that's why his targeted its hard to defend your family when they are all dead.
      Its also maybe why the 'old lags' defend his name so much.

      (venting completed - normal services will be resumed!)

    5. robspost 56 months ago | reply

      She was Princess Elizabeth at the time (1945) of this photograph.

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