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The All New 98: The Pied Piper

Name: Hartley 'Hart' Rathaway

Alias: The Pied Piper

Age: 19

Status: Hero of the Poor, Thief of the Rich

Powers: Extreme flexibility and agility, superhuman hearing and the ability to influence things around him with music such as how animals act, creating echoes and confusing people with sharp burst of music sending them into fits of pain

Rough outline of his Origin: Hartley was born with a hearing disorder that would make him go deaf at random points of the day and surgery was given so that he could live without constant distraction. A side effect to this Hartley noticed was that he could pick up on almost any sound whether it be loud and sudden or insanely quiet and soft. Hartley grew up with wealthy parents that had almost no time for him and they expected him to get involved with some sports group and extra curriculum activities so they didn’t have to bother with him after his school finished or after work. He joined the acrobatics and aerobics teams and the orchestra as a composer of his own original ‘classic’ art. His love for music blossomed and he began to pass time by turning the world around him into piece of music which helped stop his occasional headache which occurred to the large amounts of noise he was often exposed too. His parents soon began to question him on why he chose the more ‘effeminate’ classes and sports at school. The two parents wanted to be a ‘perfect’ family and anything ‘unnatural’ was not what they wanted. Hartley came out to his parents as gay hoping that they would accept him for who he was and know that he was still the same person underneath. They had the opposite reaction and disowned him claiming that he was never their son. Hartley in the mean time stayed with his friend Shannon Falkner whose family he’d been very close too because he would never see his parents and spent most of his spare time there. He’d noted that they’d seemed more like parents then his biological parents ever were. After leaving High School Hart used what was left of his money to get him and Shannon off to collage in Central City where she studied to become a lawyer and he became a very talented composer. Hart didn’t continue his career as a musician once leaving college as he was inspired by the constant bullying and unacceptance to help those less fortunate then himself and began to design an alter ego for him. Hart became the Pied Piper and used his knowledge of sound and music to fight crime and steal from the rich to help the poor.


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Taken on September 20, 2013