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today has been unhappy due to my nerves. i continue to be unmedicated, and if i indeed miss my period next month, color me unsurprised (and further upset). by lunch i was too sick to eat and opted for some tortillas and queso. i had a happy lunch with blanca and gloria only to have that sickness return by supper.


it suddenly occurred to me that having $11k in credit card debt is bad. in my defense, over half is justified (dentist and car repairs). it doesn't make it any more pleasant, however. i'm trying to get a loan through UT's credit union, and they're dicking me around. i thought credit unions were on your side? ;(


owen said he'd apply with me, so this should get matt at ufcu off my back and inspire him to help me. i've worked hard and got my credit up to 700, which for a 24-year-old in a shitton of debt i think is good. from what i hear, $11k isn't even a shitton.


cyclonic winds came through this afternoon and mysteriously made the temperature outside drop 15 degrees or so. i sat at the bottom of our stairs and stared at the big white cat hiding across from me in the bushes. i sat there for about ten minutes listening to rush hour traffic noise and watching people walk by in the distance. finally i got up and stood in the uncut grass. our good rainfall as of late has turned our lawns long and lush, and i'm happy the complex hasn't cut them in a while. the grass came up over my toes, and i just stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the cold air and even colder grass.


i couldn't have asked for any more, except an $11k loan with a single-digit APR.


emo bitch is emo.


5/27/08 19:37

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