The Florida Sex Stories
The Florida Sex Stories have gone behind a privacy wall. If you wish to read them, you must request to be made a contact. I have to review your stream and confirm that you are not too naughty. If you pass the naughty test, or are naughty in a pleasing way, I will make you a contact, and then you can go back through my stream and find the Sex Stories and read them. I hope I'm not bragging when I say they are worth the effort.

This Set Description is under construction. If you want to read what's here, go ahead, but it may not make any sense.

Let me just say at the outset---these stories are not true stories. I don't know any of these women personally, and I never did know any of them. I know that Bunny Yeager took some of these photographs, and she's in a few of them, I think. And of course Bettie Page is in a few of them. But I'm not going to be telling you made up stories about those women, at least made up stories that speak to their personal lives. The only women I'm telling made up stories about are the women I don't know anything about, and nothing in my stories is meant to be the Truth, the Real Truth, about any of the women in any of these pictures.

I found these postcards at a little half-ass flea market/auction house/antique store somewhere in the backwaters of South Carolina. They were all together, all unused, and I think I paid the guy like twenty bucks for them, and I sort of thought I'd wasted my money, but I had an idea I could recoup my investment on Ebay. But now of course I'm too lazy and unmotivated to do that. I think 42 are different, and the rest are duplicates (there are 60 of them, altogether). A couple pairs of the 42 are just the same photo, but one has a border and one does not. They were produced by different printing or publishing houses in Florida, New Jersey, and Massachusetts and, uh New York and uh, now I see, California. I'll look to see if there were other publishers. Eight or ten of the photographs were taken by Bunny Yeager, who was herself not shabby to look at. Two of the photos feature Bettie Page, with clothing.
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