How I Got To Woodstock, And What Happened There, Among Other Things, In Nineteen (19) Easy Lessons (Okay, It Could Be More Than Nineteen Lessons. It Fact, It Almost Certainly Will Be More Than Nineteen Lessons. Maybe Twenty) (Why Heck, It May Be Thirty)
That would be the 1969 Woodstock, folks. I really can't tell the story without going back to the beginning, not the womb beginning, but at least the start of the summer of 1969, when I made some decisions that led to other decisions, which put me on the road to Woodstock. Sorry, John McCain, I was there---you weren't. The title says it all, btw. If you're not in to words and just want pictures, go someplace else. If you were at Woodstock and left before Jimmy Hendrix, you should be embarrassed.
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