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Diamond Photograph: An Extraordinarily Beautiful Young Woman, Not To Say Awesome, Not To Say Stunning | by mrwaterslide
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Diamond Photograph: An Extraordinarily Beautiful Young Woman, Not To Say Awesome, Not To Say Stunning

Am sitting at the gate at the world-renowned Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. Of course, like most sane people, I got here two hours plus early, and, today, I needed it. Oh, sorry, have to stop every now and again when some feminine pulchritude comes loping by. Girls, take a tip from johnny --- nothing puts a crimp in your style like a pair of white tennis shoes.


What was I saying? Oh, so I get in line for the security check-in, and Ms. Pappadoupolos (I actually think that was her name) asks me if I was done with my coffee. I kinda at that point wanted to commit some minor indiscretion so Ms. Pappadooupolos would give me a pat down, but alas, I said "Yes" and threw my coffee cup away, before entering the sacred precincts of the scanners. And alas alas, I failed to carefully read the notice that said to take the laptop out of its case, and, long story short, I occasioned a near total security kerfluffe. Everything had to go back through, everything got looked at (they are very professional, and for that I salute them). Meanwhile, just to my right, some poor fellow who looked like nothing so much as Joe-the-Beachbum got a very thorough pat-down. After watching the procedure, I think I could do one myself, but I would prefer to practice on Ms. Pappadopoulos, and not on Joe-the-Beachbum.


As I was leaving the security area, some poor Indian Indian fellow came through, and of course he got the complete once-over. There are lots and lots of Indian Indians living in the Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham area. I imagine they're resigned to the unfairness of a system that singles them out for the color of their skin.


I did not know Ms. Pappadopoulos was going to perk up my day. I had this photo pre-loaded to cheer myself (you too, if you're game) whilst in Boston. But this dark beauty, so much my kind of girl, was just sitting here, waiting for the right moment. That moment is now. Ms. Pappadopoulos, this Boston craft brew is for you.

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Uploaded on April 11, 2012