Cabinet Card: Anonymous Young Woman, Staunton, Virginia

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    Just as the previous snapshot is a vintage mrwaterslide snap, so this cabinet card is a vintage mrwaterslide cabinet. She was in an album, but not in a sleeve. The card more-or-less feel out. I could tell the dealer wasn't all that happy that I had pulled the card from the album, but like I saw, she was loose in the album, there were no other images of her, and she was not named. Anyway, I showed the card to the dealer and asked him if he would sell it to me. The album was like $45 bucks, but of course I didn't want it. This was the only card I wanted. He hesitated, and then he said, "three bucks." She's not bad for three bucks.

    I think her look suggests (to a male viewer) that she knows things, that she has some private knowledge, that is beyond the ken of her male admirers. I would put that that look would put some men off. Just guessing. Of course, it doesn't put mrwaterslide off. He is "I Am Curious, mrwaterslide."

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    1. mrwaterslide 54 months ago | reply

      Found at the LIberty Antique Show, Fall, 2010. North Carolina.

    2. joujoubee 54 months ago | reply

      She is lovely.

    3. jake_sylvester 54 months ago | reply

      Three bucks is an excellent price for such a treasure!

    4. StoneWheel 54 months ago | reply

      The photo is superb, and the woman is a beauty. You under-paid.

    5. mrwaterslide 54 months ago | reply

      thanks, terry.

    6. mrwaterslide 54 months ago | reply

      she would be an extremely beautiful woman with a shaved head. just had to point that out.

    7. sctatepdx 54 months ago | reply

      She's very pretty and looks like she could do anything that she set her mind to doing.

    8. OlestC 54 months ago | reply

      She looks a lot like my mother, only with lighter hair. Not sure if that;s a good thing :)

    9. bootpainter 54 months ago | reply

      She looks as if she is coolly appraising you? the photographer?. I feel transgressive making comments, being unworthy.She is luminous.

    10. Flatcoat 54 months ago | reply

      Lovely photo, worth a lot more than 3 bucks.

      Seen in my contacts' photos.

    11. Typhanie 54 months ago | reply

      She's very intelligent looking. That she's dressed in white gives her a light, airy feel, too.

      I know that photographers in these times used to prefer that people wore a color opposite their skin color, so that the details would show up better. They also tended to photograph people with stern expressions because it was easier to hold the expression still. Because of that, in my opinion at least, women photographed in white seem to have an otherworldly quality to them. Like she could have been a dream.

    12. mrwaterslide 54 months ago | reply

      agree completely, Typhanie. "a dream." that she is.

    13. bootpainter 54 months ago | reply

      she also makes a very passable angel. Not a sugary cherubic angel, but a wise and powerful being.

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