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Snapshot: Woman And Edifice

There's like an elbow, or a butt, or a bosom intruding on the right, which is mildly unsettling, but the bosom makes me look at the curious splay of the woman's left hand, and makes me think about what a nice hand that is, and, well, how comforting that this lovely woman has that hand (and another one, too!) and what wonders she might accomplish, with her hands.

She kind of looks Italian to me, and the building looks like it might be Italian. Somewhere in a distant solar system in an even more distant galaxy in a corner of the universe so far away that it is well nigh impossible to comprehend, there is a woman who likes remarkably like this woman sitting on a column base of a building that looks remarkably like this one, being photographed by her boyfriend who loves her wonderful hands, spreading the fingers of that hand, so that he will know and remember and know that she knows and remembers. Perhaps the sun is up over there, and they're snapping this photograph, right now. Later, an expresso perhaps, an apricot gelato, and then a leisurely walk back to a third-floor walk-up apartment and love-making in the late afternoon. The Italian they speak is word for word the same we speak, I mean, those of us who speak Italian, except that these Italians have a different term for "acid reflux." However, neither the photographer nor the lovely young woman has ever had acid reflux, and thus, they've never had occasion to wonder what it's called.

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Uploaded on June 23, 2010