Wild And Tender Girl With Chicken

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    Just something I bought on Ebay a while back.
    To give you an update, I'm in the process of moving my belongings into an apartment (old, with hardwood floors and ten-foot ceilings). I should have access to my photos in weeks, if not days, and Art_Nahpro can redeem some of his cards, if he wants.

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    1. ART NAHPRO 119 months ago | reply

      It's to do with cradling them so one hand is gently restraining their legs and the side of your forearm and your hip restrict the movement of the wings.

      When we kept chickens nearly all of them, except the rooster, seemed to love being picked up and stroked. I think they liked the warmth and closeness. One or two would actually jump up on your lap if you were sitting down.

    2. Antique Dog Photos 118 months ago | reply

      This chicken has her legs tied up with string.

    3. mrwaterslide 118 months ago | reply

      Well, we wouldn't want Wild and Tender Girl to get chicken scratch fever.

    4. ART NAHPRO 118 months ago | reply

      Gosh..I couldnt see the legs before...I thought they were tucked up under her arm...maybe not a country girl at all then

    5. opie_jeanne 118 months ago | reply

      Mrwaterslide, wonderful find. I'm a gender traitor because I thought that unthinkable thing too: female wierdness.

      Art, aside from the string, that is exactly the way my grandfather carried chickens, especially a little red hen that seemed to enjoy his company. He wandered around the neighborhood with this chicken tucked under his arm. This was in Los Angeles County, in those long ago times, 1950 - 1963. (He probably carried other chickens around before then, but those were the years I knew him). He died in '63, not long after some hoboes et the hen and our "banty" rooster.

    6. ART NAHPRO 118 months ago | reply

      Its a nice feeling carrying a hen. It sounds like a passage from Steinbeck...what is a "banty" rooster?

    7. opie_jeanne 118 months ago | reply

      Banty = bantam. A bantam is a small-breed chicken. The image of a half-sized rooster strutting around much larger hens is rather entertaining, but we didn't do that on purpose. He just appeared in our yard one day, as well as the other chickens. It was a whole herd of average-sized hens, and one diminutive rooster. Mom wasn't having them tear up her new vegetable garden so we penned them up and waited for someone to come looking for them. No one ever did. Grandpa had had an egg ranch on the property in the 1930s and 40s, so there was a henhouse and pen just waiting for them.

    8. ART NAHPRO 118 months ago | reply

      I should have thought of that...one of our friends used to raise bantams...such lovely hens...

    9. meagain625 118 months ago | reply

      I've been known to describe a man that way : "Strutting around like a banty rooster"... It's like saying he thinks he is the "cock of the walk" :)

    10. opie_jeanne 118 months ago | reply

      Yes. Banty roosters are unaware of how small they are; they think they're the toughest thing on the planet.

    11. Kingkongphoto & www.celebrity-photos.com 93 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Best Cabinet Card Photographs Uncommon - Rare and Beautiful, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    12. Penelope Neil 86 months ago | reply

      I love this! What a fashion role-model she is for me (and everyone- I can see it now- chickens are the new Gucci!).

    13. TheBigWRanch12 83 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Chickens ROCK!!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. TheBigWRanch12 83 months ago | reply

      Really great! Thanks for sharing.
      Seen in:

    15. bootpainter 67 months ago | reply

      I think I am in love with this girl.She looks like the Little Robber Girl from the Hans Christian Andersen story of the Snow Queen.I think that girl was meant to be one of the Sami people, who live in Lapland I think..anyway I was totally in awe of her, as a tame schoolteacher's daughter only could be..Congratulations on the publication of your images in this book.

    16. jinterwas 67 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is a wonderful image ...

    17. Star Cat 66 months ago | reply

      It's Fiona!

    18. lydiafairy 62 months ago | reply

      Wow! I recogize this! I Loved the story and I am excited to hear there is more to come :)

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