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A Smiling Ohio Girl

When I found this photo at Brimfield (the big Massachusetts antique show), I said to myself, "Okay, I like it, maybe even love it, but I'm going to sell it on Ebay." Well, almost immediately I started to waver from my resolve, and of course, now, I'm ashamed I ever had that thought. In fact, this may be my favorite photo of 2006, even though I'm thoroughly seduced (and no doubt abandoned) by "Compliments of Mabelle." I.e., here:

This photo is # 1001, so this little girl starts us off on the second millenium, so to speak. I just wanted to use this photo to set a tone, of hope, of joy, of delight, of jollity. One can't be awake in the world and not be aware of the horror. I hope I have used my photostream to cast a bit of light out into the darkness. And I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who stop by now and then. Flickr, and you folks, have been great for me. Muchas Gracias!

Oh yeah, Lancaster, Ohio. I remember once going to an Ohio State football game with my parents (well, I guess it was my parents--could have been just my father and some of his male friends). What you did back in those days was go to the game, and then, after the Buckeyes had creamed whatever particular opponent they played that day, you retired to some restaurant for some good stiff drinks, a big steak, baked potato and all the trimmings. And I remember we drove to Lancaster, which is about halfway between Columbus and Cambridge (my hometown), and went to this dark, probably smoky restaurant, which was in an alley, if memory serves me. The restaurant was called "The Alibi."

At the time, going to that hidden, out-of-the-way restaurant, with my father, seemed like the heighth of sophistication. I think the steaks were good too, but I'm just guessing.

Lancaster was the birthplace of William Tecumseh Sherman. mrwaterslide's mother, loyal daughter of the South that she is, decries Sherman as an evil despoiler of the Confederacy. Then, she always adds, "Of course the North had to win the war." On Wikipedia, you can read what

Sherman had to say to his southern friends at the start of the war. He clearly saw how the crisis would play out. I wonder what he would have said to Bush at the start of the Iraq war.

Well, here's to the next thousand, Amigos.

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Uploaded on August 27, 2006