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There have been several UFO sightings around here lately. Looking back at some old night shots I noticed that I had caught one as well. I can't say what it is but it seems to be moving straight up and it must be quite big, at least 20 metres across I reckon.

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  1. Diana Goss:emulate me! 75 months ago | reply

    send this to the press quick LOL

  2. JasonLangheine 74 months ago | reply

    graham, did you see that thing when you took the picture? it isn't a flag waving in the wind?

  3. PhotoGraham 74 months ago | reply

    It's definitely not a flag, there is nothing the other side of the pillar for 1/4 mile.

  4. jonbluestone 73 months ago | reply

    I hate to tell you this, but the 'UFO' in the picture is a manufactured artifact from a television show called U.F.O. by Gerry Anderson.

    The pointed dome, the reflective circles around the rim are a dead giveaway and before anyone decries me as a debunker, I would like to add that I am a UFOlogist who has more than thirty years of experience in photographic analysis and frankly, science-fiction as well, so I know full well what I'm looking at. Nice try, but pointless and frankly, crap.

    If you are planning on faking a UFO (unless you really intended this to be a joke) I would suggest finding a real UFO picture when merging it with an existing image or one of your own manufacture - not that this is honest, or probably even legal.

  5. PhotoGraham 73 months ago | reply

    jonbluestone "I would like to add that I am a UFOlogist who has more than thirty years of experience in photographic analysis and frankly, science-fiction as well, so I know full well what I'm looking at."

    You certainly do, full marks. That is exactly what you are looking at, a rough and ready hack job of a model from the UFO TV show. It is a joke and it is crap. Bravo. I don't think anybody was fooled at that wasn't my intention. I commend you for debunking fake images since there are so many out there.

  6. Oscar_ Santos 72 months ago | reply

    bah! what a faker.... nice try.....

  7. JasonLangheine 71 months ago | reply

    wow, jonbluestone really told you, Graham!
    shame on you for trying to fool me with such crap!


  8. PhotoGraham 71 months ago | reply

    Ha! I really did L.O.L. at that :)

  9. Edmundo Torres, United Federation of Planets 70 months ago | reply

    I do not like to be fooled. Shame on you.

  10. PhotoGraham 70 months ago | reply

    Shame on you for being fooled by such an obvious fake.

  11. BONG LEACH 67 months ago | reply

    Yeah this is an image of some guy looking into a webcam. Then distorted and super imposed over this image.

  12. BIPLAB MUZIBAR RAHAMAN 65 months ago | reply

    I believe some thing or some kind of object we see we are not able to explain. I have much more powerful and clear experience. Is there any thing discovered by human being that can fly in the sky and move very very fast without making noise? We are so snobbish that we do not believe that some civilization could be there in the universe and those are advance than us.I think about the age of our mechanical civilization. I can not believe any photo of UFO 100% because we can make artificial image with the help of computer. But I know something are there. I am not a ufologist but i have keen interest on these kind of object. Thank you for posting these photo. (Bruce & Carmel too)

  13. doomsdaydignan 59 months ago | reply

    It's all true.
    The moonbase.
    The submarines.
    The film studio secret base.
    The aliens taking us away for spare parts!
    I knew it!!
    Ha ha. I have a model of this UFO as well.
    Nice motion blur though....
    This was a joke as you wouldn't use a very famous craft such as that otherwise.

    Nicely dubbed.

  14. PhotoGraham 59 months ago | reply


    This is a joke, as you say. It is a craft from the TV show UFO (they used all real alien technology though!).
    Thanks for the comment :)

  15. angel 62 45 months ago | reply

    Angel 62 here;I lived on a farm ,way out of town, one day my sisters and I were working out in the field;I happened to look up and about two miles to where the highway began,there really was a UFO;we watched it hover over the area ;slowly it began to go up and before we could move it went so fast;faster than anything we ever seen;it just disappeared because of the high speed. Before anyone makes fun of me,I swear on my life it was real !! I can still visualize it as clearly as i did then, I was about 11yrs. of age. One night our brother woke us all up from his screaming;the chickens in their house were cackling so loud we cold hear them,which never happened before, the cows were mooing, the mules were neighing;my brother was white as a sheet and as close to the wall as he could get. when our Grandparents asked him what was the matter and he said the sounds from the animals woke him up and he seen a metal thing with colored lights blinking over the chicken house;then we started talking about what we had seen;HONEST TRUTH;I DON' T LIE: I detest LIARS;if you ever see one, it will be forever burned in your BRAIN!!!!

  16. BAD DOG DIABOLO 45 months ago | reply

    beautiful picture , beautiful colours , beautiful shot

  17. imaufo88 36 months ago | reply

    jonbluestone, i have a few UFO shots on my flickr page, I would be interested to hear what you think of them?

  18. sademokid122 [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    How could it be a flag? There's no pole or anything to let it hang onto something. The UFO is tilted a bit in an angle. To me, it looks like something like a Jello or something 3-D

  19. o22er 3 months ago | reply

    It's just a reflection of the sculpture on the right.

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