[street art]
I have never felt at home in art galleries. It's a safe haven for the exhibits, but a place full of limitations for the visitor. Don't eat. Don't drink. Don't touch. And if you draw a moustache on Mona Lisa's face, you'll surely end up in jail. Street art on the other hand is an endangered species: The stencil you saw yesterday can be gone by next week. Destroyed by the rain, pasted over by some Coke ad or remade into something completely new by a creative stranger.

Many of the great works I photographed have already vanished. My snapshots cannot 'recreate' this lost art - and they don't want to. Better see them as an invitation to throw away the role as a passive art consumer. And if you just don't feel it yet, hey, there are lots of faces out there who could need a fancy moustache.
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