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    first skin for lvl 70 epic Quel'serrar.

    new quest coming up:
    If you have Quel'serrar and you are lvl 70, go to Lorekeeper Lydros and get a quest to kill a dragon while using Quel'serrar. (new raid dungeon)
    When you succeed, Quel'serrar will break, creating 'broken Quel'serrar'. Return to Lydros and you will get a quest similar to the Foror one.
    In the end, if you succeed (hint: undead Onyxia), paladins will get daughter of Quel'serras, Warriors, son of Quel'serras and the first one to succeed will get Quel'serrar Reborn (legendary) with a nice title to go along with it (dragonslayer or something similar, but less lame).

    the names used here are 'work-names' and can be changed of course and the layout of the quest-chain is also 'work in progress', but this is how it's 'supposed' to go.

    stats unknown for know, but expect it to be good. Also rumors about a Quel'serrar shield (with different name off course)

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