mushroom haul

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    when it rains it pours. off to get some more with friends and i found a nice stash of fallen oak while picking these beauties

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    1. nightcloud1 42 months ago | reply

      I wish I knew more about mushrooms... here you actually have to make a sort of license before collecting. Makes sense, but many go to search without...
      The colors in your photo are so much November, I love it!

    2. catofstripes 42 months ago | reply

      Oh well done. Have you ever tried the thing of taking your haul to the pharmacist to get an expert opinion? It seems like such a brilliantly useful thing to do but I wonder if they just o.k. the ones that everyone knows and discard the rest for safety. I'd love to meet a real expert.

    3. hollybairy 42 months ago | reply

      They ARE beauties!

    4. leedav 42 months ago | reply

      Wow! Such amazing colors.

    5. These Days in French Life 42 months ago | reply

      cat-- i only pick the ones that i know 100percent, you should never even touch one that you dont know let alone pick it, mix it in your basket and then handle to show another person. you can contaminate your hands and entire basket that way perhaps with poison. not a good idea at all!

      the pharmacists here are supposed to know about mushrooms but i have never used their services because like i said i only pick the five or six varieties that i know for sure. i learn to hunt mushrooms with experts who have been eating the ones that they pick for 20+ years, ie local people that can explain them in the field. one time we went with a mycologist was the man who taught benji and i about parasols and the check list of how to id them.

      we went again today but only found 8 or so mushrooms, we have to wait for another rain.

    6. knitting iris 42 months ago | reply

      the boys and i were out in the woods yesterday and, after all the rain and mild weather we've had, you could barely take a step without seeing or stepping on one fungus or another.
      unfortunately, i'm only familiar with morels and shaggy manes, and so i won't risk any others.
      i'd love to take someone along who REALLY knows their mushrooms, too.

      these are everywhere right now. a local friend saw that pic and told me they are called a Larch Waxy Cap and that they are edible, but still i can't bring myself to try them. i just can't find enough info out there, either online or in books, to 100% identify them.

      better safe than sorry.

      (my french professor in college told us there was one year when a poisonous mushroom was marked as "comestible" in the petit larousse illustré. i wonder if you've ever heard of that?)

    7. Charlie Jane 2844 42 months ago | reply

      They are such beautiful colors, so fall.

    8. Julie Alvarez 42 months ago | reply

      I love this!
      And I love that I can now do the same in fall here...

    9. Irina Kiseleva 42 months ago | reply

      Perfect view!
      I saw this beautiful photo in "Nature of the World Unlimited " group.
      Welcome to Nature of the World Unlimited
      Nature of the World Unlimited

    10. Green Wellies 42 months ago | reply

      What a fine mixture of mushrooms! There's nothing like the woodsy, earthy taste of the wild ones.

    11. Meryl CA 42 months ago | reply

      What a pretty haul!

    12. L. Z. 42 months ago | reply

      Beautiful bunch. I wish I could find someone here to learn from. People that I met and that are knowledgeable usually are so protective about spots where they hunt for mushrooms and are not eager to share the knowledge. I went to a few mycological society meetings but the only people that are happy to go mushroom hunting together are novices like myself.

    13. These Days in French Life 42 months ago | reply

      it's true, they guard it like a secret treasure here too! the best guide, is a live one not a book. i hope you find someone. it has taken me seven years to learn five mushrooms, from four good guides.

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