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An overly inquisitive cow. Really wish i'd thought to try a portrait shot (this is a cropped landscape) - she was literally inches away from the camera lens (and this was at 10mm!) and i was struggling to get her in without including the wire fence, hence clipping off the top and bottom :-(

I've learnt one new thing about cows today..... their tongues are a lot longer than you'd expect - just after this i got slimed!

(Cheers to Roger B for the better title :-)

Bigger = Betterer

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  1. purring zipper [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Outstanding Shot! Please add this to our pool!
    (Join Outstanding Shot group and give awards!)

  2. DerrickT ages ago | reply

    Atom Heart Mother!

  3. tricky (rick harrison) ages ago | reply

    Cheers for all the comments :-)

  4. WomanChild ages ago | reply

    This is fantastical! I love it!

  5. thouzndwords ages ago | reply

    Great photo!! Love the bright colors and the WA
    That's my mama!

  6. Gogolac ages ago | reply

    well done

  7. penguin_policy ages ago | reply

    such great colors!

  8. Jerry Zhao ages ago | reply

    i love this photo! very funny!

  9. Pacdog ages ago | reply

    very cute!


  10. WhiteGoldWielder ages ago | reply

    a great cow's assasins photo!

  11. lawrencestevens ages ago | reply

    a good example of the inquisitiveness of a cow

  12. havankevin ages ago | reply

    Great Scott that's a great Shot!
    Cow did you do it?
    Are you sure this cow wasn't a trained model?

  13. Neil Sandbach ages ago | reply

    I love the way the legs seem really dinky!

  14. Shuck ages ago | reply


    i have a similar one:

  15. maxicope ages ago | reply

    very fun i like it !

  16. charly murgatroyd ages ago | reply

    love the perspective on this and the bright colours :)

  17. merriewells ages ago | reply

    Great up close and personal with the cow...............S.W.

  18. adaptable books [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Cool !!

  19. Perry French 114 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cows In Focus , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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