SIBERIAN AMUR TIGER (panthera tigris altaica)
Amurtiger | Tigre de Sibérie | Tigre della Siberia.

• Siberian Tiger Female ELENA
• Siberian Tiger Male COTO
• Siberian Tiger Girl LUVA
• Siberian Tiger Girl LISKA
• Siberian Tiger Boy LAILEK

We are a bold and wild bunch.
We explore the wide world and do the Tiger Rumbles.
Sometimes it's also cosy to be close to our mom ELENA.
And to nerve our dad COTO.
We are 2 girls and a boy born on May 15th 2011.

We will disappear from this globe, if you do nothing to protect us!
Act now if your children should see us too:

©Photos by sport and action photographer MADELEINE BIANCHI of SKATETRIX SPORT COMPANY
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