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Who is the Baddest Goldie????

Just for fun. Enter your Goldie with a link to a pic that shows she is the Baddest Goldie! To enter: Just take a pic of your girl being evil and link to it in a comment here!!!!


Naughtiness, mayhem, disobedience, fearmongering, chaos, horror and aggro all count! Oh and tattletale-ing! ;)


After we have had a random arbitrary number of entrants voting will begin and you can vote for the Baddest Goldie of them All!


(This is also a sneak preview of our next photostory! Coming not necessarily soon but sometime....)




You can vote by commenting on the vote, vote vote pic above! :)

The tally so far:

#1 COSMA: Sweetica with I vant to suck your blood!

#2 KITTY RAE: Oh my Blythe! (Amy) with Bad Goldie!

#3 ZUZU: rain-b with oh no! Zuzu has taken all the cakes!

and Zuzu invited her new friend Chiquitita to dinner. She did not make a good first impression...

#4 ROZ-G: kittenlash with Cut Kenner hair off!

#5 EDNA: sozzielou with Oh dear....

#6 PEN: Suzy with How One takes Tea the Pen-Way!!!!!!

and Pen- It's alright you pathetic Soft One's the Zombie's are dealt with!

okay AND >.< Me- That's NOT gardening Penelope!!!!

#7 TRUFFLE: miga angel with Bad.. Bad Goldie!

#8 BEEZUS: coldlicorice with get some clothes on you little creep!

#9 LOTTIE: Moon Rouge with Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen....

#10 PORTIA: baccarita with He said.... trick....

#11 GOLDIE and MELODIE: rockymountainroz with You know the saying in Colorado, don't you?

#12 MAYA: *chacha* with As bad as can be :)

#13 NOVA: irulethegalaxy with BL playground?

#14 RAVEN: Voodoolady with Tada!

#15 PRESLEY: camillaeatfiftyeggs with when it comes to chocolate....

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Taken on February 27, 2011