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Duty Of A True Patriot | by JohnE777
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Duty Of A True Patriot

It will take radical actions in order to ROAR - Restore Our American Republic and to restore power to the People.


It is not possible for a country to remain a Constitutionally Limited Republic without preserving the established constitution with enforcement. (OUR Constitution need not be defended, it only need be upheld with enforcement.) As it is not possible to enforce the constitution without virtue and discernment. How can a country have public servants with virtue and good character that are dedicated to preserving OUR Constitution without legitimate elections and campaign reform? How can a country that is divided by political parties uphold their constitution when Congress is divided rather than having balance with the Senate and House? How can this country be fiscally responsible without congressional control of the currency as provided for in OUR Constitution? How can this country be sovereign while belonging to the United Nations?

What will it take for We The People to ROAR?


Seven Steps To Restore Power To The People:


1) Be a People of virtue.

2) With discernment, elect public servants that are by the People, for the People and Liberty.

3) Enforce legitimate elections and demand campaign reform.

4) Ban political parties with a good start of not allowing political designations on ballots with the Candidates names only.


5) Put in place a system for enforcing OUR Constitution.


6) End the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

7) Get out of the United Nations for our sovereignty.


The way is to extinguish the Shadow Government and their power while empowering The People and OUR Constitution with EFFECTIVE ACTIONS.


The ONLY road to ROAR is with Radical Actions in order to restore power to the People.

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Uploaded on June 30, 2013