3d pan white


Wow its been far too long since I last posted!! 9_9

I hate having more excuses but this one is quite real and there was nothing I could do about it. I was sick.. again.

Normally, being sick wouldn't stop me. But rest was what I needed. :) I didn't really even go on the computer much let alone flickr.. so I will catch up on all your streams!! :O)


On the positive side of things!! I just got studio lights!! *WHOOT*!!!!! =D

I don't have a clue how to use them so if you guys have any helpful articles you wanna send my way.. that'd be great. ;-)


so this, is my first experiment using the lights.. nothing fancy. I had a hard enough time setting them up!! =P


oh yes.. i used part of "Elusive Actions" on this. I really wasn't going for the look of the action, so don't try it and be dissapointed if it does'nt turn out like this. =P I broke it down a lot, but it was a big help!! :)



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Taken on February 29, 2008