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Iron Devil

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herp derp devil
fear it's rotational symmetry!

  1. Shadow Viking 102 months ago | reply

    lern2tags, micah boy :p

  2. Marc ' 102 months ago | reply

    i sense monty python jokes

  3. teikjoon 102 months ago | reply

    Its immune to backstabs!

  4. Shadow Viking 102 months ago | reply

    Marc ' uh, okay. I'm not sure why :c
    Teik Joon 德俊 :D
    it is actually a fun encounter and the flanking/backstab immunity is pretty legit... I just love that they call it "rotational symmetry". It makes it sound like a pattern or something :B

  5. eilonwy77 102 months ago | reply

    Or..... love its rotational symmetry!

    So let me get this straight.... you're involved with brickforge? and it's your birthday?

    In which case.... happy birthday! It's also my brother's birthday, which just shows that all the cool guys were born on the same day. ;-D

    And if it's some other Shadow Viking who is having a birthday today, then you should sue him for name infringement. The world is only big enough for one shadow viking. ;-)

  6. Shadow Viking 102 months ago | reply

    Yep, that's me! 17 today, haha. Thanks! ...How'd you know though? >.>
    And yeah, I'm a moderator at the Brickforge forums.

    Happy birthday to your brother too :)

  7. eilonwy77 102 months ago | reply

    I just saw your post at Classic-Castle, and followed it over to Brickforge, and saw a message about it. That's all. I'm a spy. ;-)

  8. Shadow Viking 101 months ago | reply

    Fuck yes! NINJAGO!

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