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Moving Malachite Pendant | by viviannedraper
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Moving Malachite Pendant

Tick toc tick toc STOP! Our watch movement has run right smack into a malachite cabochon that wraps its loving arms around the movement and keeps it from careening right out of existence! Neat, huh? Malachite cabochons don't really have arms but malachite is the love a bunny hug a tree heal you and make you feel special gem so if it did have arms it would totally wrap them around you and make you feel all warm and protected -- because that's the way malachite swings.


This set is so cool! I'd make more if I could find more watch movements in this size and shape but they get expensive and I do try to keep prices down for you all. I love malachite. Its one of my favorite stones. First off its green and you just can't go wrong with green. Money is green. I rest my case. Then it has greener (yes I just made that word up) stripes. Sometimes I just marvel that the earth just produces colorful things like this so we can adorn ourselves. Malachite is a stone of happiness, joy, and cheer. Looking into the deep green color spirals can be revitalizing and boost your spirits. It is said that malachite makes one aware of emotional upheaval and alleviates it by absorbing the pain. It is known as the "stone of transformation" -- bringing tranquility and easing difficulty during those times of revolution and reconstrution in your life. Wear this stone when beginning something new -- a job, a project, a lover, a make up after a fight -- any "thing" that you are embarking upon.


Malachite is a soft stone and draws negative energy into itself. It is said that to recharge it -- pair it with a clear quartz crystal and pour cold water on it. But don't do that with my jewelry because I use (in most cases) non-toxic, water soluble glue and your jewelry could fall apart if you put it in water. Dunking it in a little snow (if you happen to have snow) a couple of times can accomplish the same effect but make sure not to let it sit there and wipe it off good with a clean towel. Because it is a soft stone I don't use it in rings and you should not abuse it or it will acquire knicks and cuts and cry like a little girl. Ok maybe it wouldn't cry because a) stones don't cry except when they do and b) its tougher than that but still. Don't abuse your malachite or the malachite fairies will come and beat you.


This stone was thought to defend against perils and help mitigate risk. Mitigate risk... Doesn't that sound all corporate? GAH! Wearing it can help bring you whatever you desire the most. Captain Jack Sparrow's compass was probably made with malachite. Don't quote me on that though because I totally made that up.



Vintage pocket watch movement on a top hanging bamboo-edged bezel made from the old tooling, brass base with brass ox/black antique finish. Set with a genuine malachite cabochon and its a really honkin big one too! None of those little baby stones for this pendant nosirreee. I've paired it with a set of earrings made of brass filigree and malachite beads on brass settings (those of you with sensitive skin take note -- the findings are NOT silver or 14kt gold and your skin might be sensitive - I can make these earrings with the gold or silver but they will be a bit more expensive).


Copyright 2010 Natural Treasures by Deb LLC

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Taken on September 7, 2010