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A test picture. The Argus c44 family of lenses included an f1.9 50mm lens by Steinheil, which is not common. I found one in poor shape which was "stuck" to its body. A project ensued, and I overhauled the body and the lens. I sprung for having the front element repolished and recoated by the fine gentleman at UltraFlat. I'm happy with the results... the lens is sharp and presents a lovely swirly bokeh that seems to be common in fast lenses from before the late 60's.


The other part of the test was to try some Kodak SO331 high contrast pan duplicating film. I developed it in caffenol LC and while I probably could have developed it longer (or rated the film slower) it wasn't bad at all. And the satisfaction of making your own developer out of things from the kitchen is really worthwhile.


Developer recipe:


4 tsp washing soda (sodium carbonate)

2 tsp instant coffee

1/4 tsp vitamin C

1 tsp iodized salt


Water to make 10 oz.

Dissolve in order listed.

If there's sediment, filter (through a paper towel or coffee filter) before use. (The carbonate may have crud in it that doesn't like to go into solution. You can use warm water but you'll want it to cool down before use.)

Developing time 15-20 mins @ 68ºF.

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Taken on March 24, 2012