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Maybe I pushed Floyd a little too far during his 365 Days...

Concept embellished from ideas thrown at me by Feeling Croppy and Tapper. You can blame them for this horror.

Can you catch all the references in this photo?


Yay! Floyd did it!

I can't believe a year has gone by already. Is it me or does a 2nd 365 Days project seem to go by faster? I should ask *M-C1* she would know.

I did manage to do my own 365 Days project without missing a single day, but unfortunately, I did miss a few for Floyd. Also, I never thought about it but there is an added difficulty with doing a 365 Days project of your dog. You aren’t necessarily going to be with your dog every day. You can always take a self-portrait, even on vacations. They might not all be great but you can take one. It’s hard to take a picture of your dog in his kennel while you are away in Paris though. I improvised and took a photo of a photo of my dog during those days. So while in Paris you can see silly photos of pictures of Floyd near famous Paris landmarks.

As with my 365 Days project, the main reason for doing this project was to continue to force myself to take regular pictures to learn to use my equipment better. Although for those who remember, there was an added reason for Floyd’s. I started Floyd’s 365 Days soon after losing my beloved hound Samuel (one year tomorrow). Although I’m sure most people would think I took way too many pictures of my dog, looking back I really didn’t have that many photos. In fact some years I only had 30 or 40 photos. That may seem like a lot but when you lose your best friend and all you have that remains are photos that sure doesn’t seem like a lot. I decided to celebrate my time with Floyd by taking at least one photo a day for year. Looking back at this past year in photos is incredible. I have a wonderfully large collection of photos of Floyd. I also managed to take some great photos amongst the daily noise. I don’t really want to have to take daily photos anymore, but I also don’t want to stop taking photos of Floyd. I want to have a photographic journal of my time with Floyd for his entire life.

So I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, what now? Well, as I indicated I don’t really want to commit to another 365 Day project at this time. I also do plan to continue to take regular photos of Floyd. I hope to post at least 2-3 photos of Floyd a week, and if I manage to do that I probably will forgo the 365 Day project. If I can’t motivate myself I may commit myself to another 365 Days. Also, people may have forgotten but technically I do have a 52 Weeks personal project underway right now. To be honest I’ve barely been paying attention myself. I often just borrow photos from Floyd’s 365 to use in mine. My plan is to dedicate more time to my self-portraits for the 2nd half of my 52 Weeks. Also, I plan to make up the three days Floyd missed immediately so there will be daily photos for at least three more days.

So without further ado here are some statistics and other interesting numbers:

Most popular photos no matter how you keep score: Days 255, 257, 359

Explored Photos: Days 58, 85, 179, 209, 255, 257, 311, 359

Number of Views on Floyd's 365 Set: 352

Missed Days: 106, 156, 160

Good luck to the rest of you, I am out of here!

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  1. Thru Jenns Eyes 47 months ago | reply

    Fantastic. Thanks for the laughs. I still can't stop giggling! Congrats on the completion of your 365 of you and Floyd. Doing two 365's is insane job well done!

    Thanks for Walking the Line!

  2. alibubba 47 months ago | reply

    Congratulations Darren and Floyd!!! This has been such a fun year. And honestly, despite the rumors, I really fucking love this dog. A lot. He's just so damn cute. His dad is pretty adorable too. Great work on completing this pupper 365, Darren! I'm glad you're still going to be taking pictures of your hound. He's a beaut. ;)

  3. Feeling Croppy [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    it's about time you showed. Floppy and Floyd were plotting horrible things.

  4. Jennifer Crowder 47 months ago | reply

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY Floyd. He is one patient pup, I must say. :D I think it's incredible that the two of you have bonded so much over this project. It is good to challenge your pets, and Floyd is probably incredibly obedient, now, hahahahhaaa. And as cute as ever, of course. I think it's a lovely tibute to Samuel, too. He would be so proud!!!

    Im sooo glad you are still going to take pics of Floyd for us to see. We would miss him toooo much, if you didn't! I love his daily antics.

  5. alibubba 47 months ago | reply

    Yeah, yeah. In case you hadn't noticed, my flickr participation is a little sporadic these days. ;)

  6. Jennifer Crowder 47 months ago | reply

    Oh, yeah... and this pic is perfect! I love all the references.... and it's a HILARIOUSLY wonderfully perfect conceptual ending.

  7. whitepuffycloud 47 months ago | reply

    wow! the things that dog put up with. congrats on finishing this awesome 365! looking forward to seeing more of you and Floyd!

  8. pikespice 47 months ago | reply

    I don't know what you're talking about.

  9. beebebear [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    hahahah nice

  10. Magpie3336 47 months ago | reply

    Ha ha! Great photo! I stumbled on your thread on your LAST day, go figure. I'm going to have to go through them all. They look really entertaining. Floyd must be well-trained. I wouldn't be able to get my dogs to sit still like that for anything!

  11. QT_ PI 47 months ago | reply

    this is freakin' hilarious! lmao Damn I love your imagination.

  12. toaster.cat 47 months ago | reply

    Brilliant! Go Floyd go! :)

  13. greendragonflygirl 47 months ago | reply

    So glad I saw this Darren-hope you're out of the crate by now and enjoying post-365 freedom! Congrats to you for a great series, and lots of belly rubs and cheese for the amazing and super-patient Floyd.

  14. Marlsie 43 months ago | reply

    This is brilliant, I love it so. And I can relate to everything you say, about Floyd and about Samuel. I have two beagles, and I cherish every moment I spend with them. I find myself unable to delete any photo I've taken of them, no matter how bad or out-of-focus. :) I just feel that I'll never have enough, especially after they're gone (which is something I don't like to think about).

    Floyd is beautiful. :)

  15. Feeling Croppy [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

    how come this one isn't going in the book? :P

  16. Paguma / Darren 41 months ago | reply

    Who is that fat guy anyway? :-)

  17. ricolek 33 months ago | reply

    lol, like the tiny penis would be visible

  18. KeizGoesBoom 32 months ago | reply

    this is epic! haha, really catches your attention anyway! :P great shot, love it :)

  19. Antonio Raw 22 months ago | reply

    Great ending!!!

  20. eveallmail 10 months ago | reply

    One of the best things i have seen.. PERFECT !! (Eef Ms Eve (Evelyne) Arends Manhattan, NY

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