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Malayan snail-eating turtle

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Malayemys subtrijuga is basically a snail eater; larger females also eat freshwater mussels, worms, aquatic insects, crustaceans, and fish as part of its diet. The Malayan snail-eating turtle inhabits a range of freshwater habitats where there is some current and plenty of aquatic vegetation. This includes streams, small lakes, canals, marshes and rice paddies. This turtle may reach 21 cm in carapace length, but most individuals are a bit smaller.


I was surprised to see this little turtle. I did catch him a bit more down stream at a quiet little pool where there was less current. Since this fellow does poorly in captivity maybe that's why he's still can be found at some places in Thailand. Live and let live I would say.


The Malayan snail-eating turtle occurs in northern Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and southern Vietnam; it has possibly been introduced to Sumatra and Java. It's not on IUCN Red List. This turtle does poorly in captivity and should be strictly left in its natural habitat.


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Taken on August 1, 2009