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Forest Hills was named in 1906 by Cord Meyer Development Company. This collection captures the architectural and cultural patterns from its humble, charming, and graceful origins with some ornate craftsmanship, through its more recent notable sites of the 1960s. This timespan can be considered the golden age of Forest Hills development. The approximate boundaries of the collection consist of MacDonald Park, Forest Hills Gardens' Station Square & the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Continental Ave to Union Turnpike along Austin St & Queens Blvd, and some of the blocks in between. While you browse, envision how some of the apartment houses, public institutions, theaters, rowhouses, religious institutions, and commercial establishments were designed by some household names including Benjamin Braunstein, Theobald Henry Engelhardt, the Cohn Brothers, A.H. Salkowitz, Philip Birnbaum, Robert Tappan, Lorimer Rich, Thomas Lamb, Kenneth Murchison, Benjamin Dreisler, Kavy & Kavovitt, etc. Such buildings were and continue to be prime examples of urban planning individually and as an assemblage, and exemplify the Tudor style, (Georgian) Colonial style, Neo-Renaissance, Tudor Gothic, and Art Deco. As you stroll your neighborhood streets or as a visitor, look all around you, seek to understand its harmonious feel and how no expense was sacrificed, and never take anything for granted. Our goal is to digitize all buildings within these boundaries that merit historic preservation, and advocate for them through effective communication with property owners. Please continue to check our collection for updates.