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Prosperity Once More | by Gary^The^Procrastinator
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Prosperity Once More

So if you have been wondering why I’ve been absent lately, blame this beast of a build, my second largest ever. 6 weeks and 3623 dark red 1x1 slopes later…As usual, 100% LEGO.

Inspired by this architectural photo by Heinrich Pollmeier.


Prosperity Once More

An entry for Global Contest IX from the Lands of Roawia Castle Builders Game


The City Hall of Durrough is an interesting structure, the most modern in the entire region, if not all of Roawia. Its striking roof and colors stand out significantly amongst Durrough’s more traditional buildings. A mixture of the latest Lenfald architecture with highlights of sandstone and roof tiles from Loreos, it was meant to be a sign of friendship between the two neighboring lands; a political symbol of the important trade Durrough had right across the Aines river mouth which the city guarded. Unfortunately only three months after its completion the two lands went to war, and this made the heavily Loreos-influenced edifice less than popular with the citizenry. In fact the Queen’s troops easily occupied it as Durrough folk weren’t particularly interested in keeping it as their center of banking and courts. Times were different now though, with the Queen’s evil influence removed and relationships and trade with Loreos normalizing…which is exactly the reason High Lord Triphian chose its speaking platform as the ideal spot to give his returning victory speech.

“My fellow citizens, now is the time for recovery! For rebuilding that which was lost; for sowing the seeds of our new crops; for reestablishing friendships once strained but now full of hope, and for families to be reunited after this terrible time of oppression and war.” Triphian had come to his main point in his speech to the people of Durrough, a people not long liberated from the oppressive fists of the Queen’s troops, and his listeners rewarded him with another round of applause, happy that the Provincial leader had chosen Durrough as his harbor of return from campaign. Standing beside him was Durrough’s own stalwart leader, Duke Cartney, who had already delivered a short and therefore good speech on their victory, especially thanking the heroes who liberated the city during one brutal late-summer morning, not that long ago. Among those thanked were both Sir Caelan Munro, now standing in a place of honor behind Triphian, and Sir Haymar, who was not present, as he had had the good common sense to “avoid another silly speech from bureaucrats” by selectively being off “pursuing a band of brigands” just at the right time. And standing behind Sir Caelan was Lady Kenzie, who was very much on his mind right now instead of the speech.

The young baron however was brought out of his pleasant thoughts of an impending proposal back to the present situation, when Lord Triphian spoke of matters which no doubt would pertain to his not-so distant future.

“My people, you so deserve a time of peace. [applause again from the crowd] Yet in order to have that peace we must finally rid ourselves of this false Queen, this liar and conniver and stealer of wealth and tranquility, but I have returned not with news of more war for you, no, but for the professionals such as Sir Caelan here” —and this was where Caelan really woke up and started to pay attention—“for soon I must call on our valiant knights once more to finish the task, but not you, my people. I will not rob you of your husbands again, I will not call on your sons and brothers, no, but when the time comes our knights will carry the torch of righteous battle to give the Queen what she badly deserves!” [much applause here from a war-weary people].

So this was news, and Caelan started to ponder what it meant…certainly Triphian knew something more than he was divulging now, but there would still be time for that proposal, he was determined….and again his mind was interrupted by Triphian’s final rallying point, to prolonged applause.

“But for you my people of Lenfald, prosperity once more!”

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Taken on December 30, 2014