Google Car Fail

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    Google Car Fail

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    1. gisela.treichler 32 months ago | reply

      This picture proves my point: real travelling begins there where the Internet ends.
      Best, Gisela (Travel Book Shop)

    2. MacBeton 31 months ago | reply

      That car cannot loose wheels just by driving of the road. It must FALL of a cliff to do that. And the bending of the hood doesn't look realistic too, have worked in car repair, never seen such a clean and straight bend.

    3. cre8tivetoy 31 months ago | reply

      No a car does not just have to fall off a cliff to do that much damage. Try a 5 mph shunt at a roundabout into the back of a 4x4 and see how much damage can be done yet alone travel at say 30 mph have a puncture, hit a bolder and then travel down a fifteen foot slope hitting a number of hard to move rocks and then see what happens to your front wheel and front section. I ve wrecked the lower front end a car after hitting a dog in pitch black rainy night on a dual carriageway.....

    4. cre8tivetoy 31 months ago | reply

      Added note: The car is of European design. In relation to MacBeton's comment I take it that he is an American car repair worker, if it had been an American car it would of exploded and left a burnt out wreck as in all the movies : )

    5. pescamillam 31 months ago | reply

      As you can see by the first comment and the t-shirt of the person in the pic it is just a hoax from Travel Book Shop

    6. AndrewCarSpotter98 31 months ago | reply

      that has got to be fake, the windscreen wouldn't have smashed, the wheels wouldn't have buckled. the car is an Opel Astra, and i would have thought it would have a Google livery, but i saw one that was plain black with one Google sticker on either front door

    7. roliboliX 31 months ago | reply

      Sieht so guter Marketing-Gag aus?

    8. EJEvo8 31 months ago | reply

      The amount of damage here is completely within the realm of possibility, given the large rocks the car apparently traveled over to reach the bottom. Tie rods can break pretty easily.

    9. AndrewCarSpotter98 31 months ago | reply

      I suppose you're right, and there's also a chance that it could have hit something before it crashed down the bank. I'm still not sure who to believe owhether this is real or not though.

    10. Trigger's Retro Road Tests! 26 months ago | reply

      The fact Google only used 5 door models for it's streetview project and not the 3 door model proves that this was a fake.

    11. AndrewCarSpotter98 26 months ago | reply

      I saw the google streetview car drive past my house and it was a 5 door Astra, you're right, never thought of that, good thinking.

    12. bazem.fabricio 26 months ago | reply

      I'm amazed how far people can go on making stupid comments. You have 3 clear and high resolution photos and still there are people with insane "faking" theories, and also the "google car experts" that, of course, have seen all the cars that google used all around the world. No, they have to use the exact same models in every country, pfff, give me a break.

    13. AndrewCarSpotter98 26 months ago | reply

      i don't know every car google used for streetview around the world, but i do know that they used Mahindra Boleros and Chevrolet Captivas for india, and Opel Astra 5 doors for cities.

    14. AndrewCarSpotter98 26 months ago | reply

      Also, after reading that article you will notice that it's in the indian mountains, where a car if this sort (two wheel drive, low ride height) wouldn't be appropriate. It is definately fake, without a doubt. And no-one here is claiming to be a Google car expert, pfff, give me a break.

    15. konsultanpajakblueline 12 months ago | reply

      emang keren gan kaskusnya salam kenal dari ane gan


    16. honda_bandung_88 5 months ago | reply

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