windows 8 teletubbies

  • blakeface1 3y

  • linuxguy2 3y

    Windows 8 tablet = FAIL
  • T'sais 3y

    WinRT certainly = FAIL

    And surface has the crappiest keyboard you can imagine... no real keys, not touch-typing friendly, its a "foil keyboard" Microsoft claims to be x percent better than typing on a screen!

    That should tell you something...

    Better off to buy an Apple tablet and get a good bluetooth keyboard from Logitech or Genius, or any number of cheap Asian keyboard jobs.

    And I hate Apple's walled garden system, and the fact that Microsoft wants to be exactly like Apple now is horrific for users.

    Think of Apple's new Lightning connector - there's a chip in the cable - not for the user's security, but just to prevent you from being able to use peripherals not authorized by Crapple.

    If you buy gear like that, you're voting with your wallet to have all of us put in a technological straight jacket. One day, "The PC is dead" will stand for a big change of Megacorporations completely taking control away from us over the gear we buy.

    The new "Computers" will not allow us a choice of what OS to install on it, like smartphones today. You're stuck till the Manufacturer decides your 1 year old device is still worth bothering with an upgrade. If they decide its not worth their effort, cause they'd much rather give you an artificial reasons to buy brand new gear, you can't just buy another OS or download Linux. Because no driver/firmware specs are published, everything is proprietary and locked down with stinky little custom connectors, copyrighted and patented, even though they do nothing that a standard USB plug wouldn't do as well.

    You think the new secure-boot technologies are just to prevent thieves and viruses? think again. You'll be tracked and you won't be able to boot what you like.

    T'sais, have you used the keyboard? No? Then Shut the F UP! I hate lame ass people who start spouting their opinions WITHOUT EVER HAVING USED THE PRODUCT! Aslo, they off another cover that has coventional keys, it's called the type cover, do some homework. Then you start spouting some BS about "Megacorporations" Hey dumb ass, that "Megacorporation" is the one who created the product. You don't have to use it. how about you shut the F up, and stop whinning like a little bitch! Seriously, your entire post was damn rediculous!
  • Tom Lupton 3y

    @ T'sais first off your saying you think MS will drop Windows the biggest earning OS EVER that's been around for decades? Yeah that's gonna happen idiot.

    Also what is this rubbish about custom connectors???? the surface and othe rwindows 8 tablets have full sized usb ports! You are clearly just an idiot who knows NOTHING about technology yet feel the need to spout off like you have some sort of internal knowledge.
  • Jebarson Jebamony 3y

    That's what everybody said when windows 8 was launched. Get some life guys.
  • Andrew Hamling 3y

    @T'sais The chip in Apples Lightning connector is to tell the phone what type of device is plugged in, NOT to prevent other companies from making cables. The connector only has 9 connections so if its a speaker dock it's going to use those connectors differently than say a data cable. It might make cables $0.50 more expensive, but you'll always find cheap iPhone cables on eBay for 2 or 3 dollars and I doubt that will change.
  • hazydave 3y

    Actually, yes, the Apple Lightning connector contains a security device. This is not to prevent other companies from making cables per se. It's to ensure that Apple (the only company that can deliver this security chip to a cable maker) gets their 30%, and their usual "walled garden" control over such devices. For example, at least for the moment, Apple's decided that they're the only company that gets to make adapters for the old Apple connector. So no one else will be able to get the security chips needed for this.

    If Apple was only concerned about identifying the type of device, that's terribly old news. Every DIMM module sold has a similar on-module, two wire ROM device that not only identifies the capacity of the memory, but the manufacturer, all 50-60 memory timing parameters, etc. This is an open (JEDEC) standard anyone can use. If Apple just wanted to build a cool, self adjusting interface, that's all they would need: a $0.05 flash chip and a set of format standards. Instead, there's a security chip.

    As for cheap cables... I checked. There are plenty of Apple-made cables for $25 or so, that's the plain old USB to Lightning. A few Apple-made Lightning to old-connector cables. And one cable, which looks to be a copy/clone, for USB to Lightning, for about half the price (around $11), sold directly from Hong Kong. Does it work? No idea. There will almost certainly be a clone of Apple's security chip out of China in the next few months, but this seems a little quick.

    Usually, with this kind of thing, the manufacturer is just ignoring the chip and hoping it'll work (or intentionally ripping you off) -- this was fairly common with "chipped" camcorder batteries. Or they're getting the security chip from the very same factor that makes the cables for Apple. That's also pretty common -- in fact, it's not unprecedented for the factory to be running production for someone like Apple in the day, then running a night shift where they're cloning the cables (maybe with some variation) for the 3rd party company.

    So yeah, there will be copies. Apple could have got much better security just with that aforementioned flash ROM and a little actual hard crypto authentication. Particularly if they had the cables made in one place but programmed elsewhere. No one, not even Apple, is going to spend enough on a security chip to make it uncloneable. In the past, Apple's big stick was a patent on the connector -- you'd think they'd do the same this time around.
  • col_panek 3y

    LOL!! This is going to be my Linux desktop at work! Well, for a day or so, anyhow, until we all have a laugh.
  • Naceron 3y

    Windows 8 is amazing and it will rule the tablet world! Wait & see
  • Grezinator 3y

    T'sais You're a moron, T'sais. Almost everything in your post is full of utter inaccuracy. There are no proprietary connectors on a Surface device. It has a standard USB port and also a standard microSD slot for easy storage expansion. Try that on a stupid iPad. It has (and can further obtain) drivers for hundreds of thousands of third-party devices right out of the box, meaning that you can simply plug in your favorite printer, keyboard, mouse, stick drive, card reader, etc., and it will work with the Surface. Again, try that on a competitor's tablet. This device is far superior to anything else on the market right now. Sure, for some where legacy compatibility is a necessity, then Windows RT won't be the answer. That's ok. For those people, the Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface will launch soon, and then they'll have the best of both worlds. For everyone who's ready to just move on, RT will do the job.

    Also, if you don't like the touch keyboard (it's actually pretty good, BTW), there is an alternate one that you can get that is thicker and has more of a laptop-key feel to it. So, that's an option for users who don't mind a more bulky case to get a more traditional keyboard feel if it's important. And, of course, you can always just plug in any regular USB keyboard that you want. Name another company that gives you that kind of flexibility and choice in a tablet device. You can't.

    As for updates, they'll come all of the time, just like for laptops, desktops, etc. It's Windows 8 on here, not some proprietary B.S. That means this device gets all of the same patches/upgrades/driver updates that regular machines get. There's even a full version of Office for Win8RT. Again, no one else offers anything like this.

    Did you know that it was also designed in such a way that it can survive drops from a significant height (3' - 5') in something like 72 different positions? That means it's also a lot tougher than the other tablets on the market right now. Thinnest glass of any tablet, but also the strongest (Gorilla Glass II). When it comes to hardware, the Surface is a beast.

    T'sais, you need to learn to check your facts before spouting off bogus crap in public forums. You've made it easy for anyone with basic knowledge of this device to expose you as the ignorant hater that you are. Go back and hide under your bridge, troll.
  • Henrique Carioca 3y

    Surface with Windows RT is going to crash and burn. People are going to buy it with the assumption that it will work with legacy software and hardware. It won't, they'll return it end of story. MS has really hit a wall in what they can do because they always try to please everyone with legacy compatibility. Then when something like RT comes along which completely breaks with legacy people think 'that's the only reason I buy windows stuff...'
  • Henrique Carioca 3y

  • Pew The Blind 2y


    Touch cover. TYPE cover.
    But boy, I'm already stopping here. Makes no sense to argue against this nonsense.
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Taken on October 15, 2012
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