Jersey City Peregrine Falcons, June 22, 2012
After the sad loss of the lone female fledgling on Friday, June 15 due to a window collision, and the sighting of but 1 fledgling on Sunday, June 17, the late afternoon of June 22 delivered nearly an hour of action featuring the 2 surviving (male) fledglings! Lighting was once again tough (we were in-between heat-breaking thunderstorms), but the show the fledglings put on brightened up the day! After the adult male coaxed them into flying after the 1st storm, they engaged in lots of chasing and "talon-tag," as well as flights out over the river shoreline & pier! The flying was focused around the south and east side of 10 Exchange Place, perhaps utilizing updrafts caused by brisk southerly winds.
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