Jersey City adult female Peregrine Falcon hunt, June 17, 2012
Today I was in downtown Jersey City with my friend Bonnie to monitor the 3 young Peregrines new to flight, on the corner of Greene & Pearl streets, 2 blocks north of 101 Hudson. We saw 1 young falcon. Although he didn't fly, we got to witness up-close a successful hunt by the adult female! This was the first time I've seen a Peregrine catch a bird, so it was very exciting! She stooped off 101 Hudson and rocketed right at us, catching a pigeon just across the road at Plaza 5. She circled back and passed no more then 30 or 40 feet over us while delivering the killing bite. An overcast sky made for tough lighting, but some editing brought out a little detail. After de-feathering the prey, she delivered it to the waiting fledgling back at 101 Hudson.
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