ah yes

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    1. Sam Figueroa 84 months ago | reply

      AHHHH you put stickers on you PowerMac, this is blasphemy, it's madness. This is UGLY!

    2. gigliano 84 months ago | reply

      i know i semi-regret it.. know of a good way to get them off?

    3. Amethi 84 months ago | reply

      Adhesive remover.

    4. -ally 84 months ago | reply

      :o KRKs! yum.

      And yes, stickers on powermac, ew etc :p

    5. pisomojado101 84 months ago | reply

      nice rig, but i saw these guys perform in pittsburgh and they suck

    6. Joey Lange 84 months ago | reply

      You could be a little more subtle, pisomojado101. That, and maybe some other people in the world like this music, and you happen to just not enjoy it. While I'm sure the band appreciates opinions, I don't think that they appreciate insults.

      Points for honesty, though, pisomojado101, however brutal it may be.

      I think they have a very interesting sound, and I give a thumbs up.

    7. Joey Lange 84 months ago | reply

      I'm afraid I may have started a flame war; ryan.gilligan, I'm sorry

    8. patrickserrano 84 months ago | reply

      Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will get off whatever doesn't come off when you peel them off.

      They take everything off.

      Nice rig.
      Are those KRK moniters?
      I can't read what it says on them.
      KRKs are really nice moniters.

    9. Damage_Addict 84 months ago | reply

      Big deal. So you put stickers on yer mac...whoop-dee-friggin-do. It's yours. Do what you want. These cats are lame. Your setup looks off the chain. DIG IT.

    10. -ally 84 months ago | reply

      "Are those KRK moniters (sic)?
      I can't read what it says on them.
      KRKs are really nice moniters.(sic)"

      Yeah. They look like V4 or 6s to me

    11. rockdots 84 months ago | reply

      Hey, isn't that a Mackie Big Knob above the keyboard? I've thought about getting one of those... which features do you use on it?

    12. gigliano 84 months ago | reply

      thanks for all the comments everyone... first off, the boogie hustlers are 8 of the most talented musicians i know, and the new album recorded with that setup is gonna be sick. Yes, those are KRK's and they sound great. those are the rp8's. and yeah, thats the big knob. it's really handy for switching between sources, and having two headphone outs is nice. sometimes I have a second set of monitors, so its easy to switch between the two. for $200 it is awesome

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