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    An acquired original slide, no details known other than the vehicle’s registration which is 148HDH (a Walsall registration, circa 1961), and that it looks to be a Bedford SB with a duple Vega body. Location could be northeast England? Any help would be appreciated in identifying the vehicle and location.

    Post script:
    ...Many thanks to Dubdee, who has indentified the operator and location, please see his comment below.

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    1. Lady Wulfrun 43 months ago | reply

      Looking at the slide frame, this is early to mid 1970s. Indeed the woodpole carrying the overhead supply looks unchanged in the modern day view.


    2. Wildmoreway (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/300665) 43 months ago | reply

      Also auto half barrier level crossing with modern hatching mark on the level crossing puts it in the late 60s at the earliest.

    3. dubdee 43 months ago | reply

      Kildare`s usually had older second-hand vehicles which would fit totally with this being a mid- 1970s shot and the crossing is a real "give away".

    4. Wildmoreway (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/300665) 43 months ago | reply

      Looks like its being followed by a yellow early 70s yellow Vauxhall Victor/Ventora and a MK 1 Escort.

    5. bedfordval2000 43 months ago | reply

      The coach is an Ex Everalls Wolverhampton Commer AvengerIV .

    6. Lady Wulfrun 43 months ago | reply

      Yes, I agree, the crossing and the cars are from the '70s.

      Thanks, I'll add Don Everall's to the tags.

    7. Lady Wulfrun 43 months ago | reply

      Central Electricity Generating Board closed a lot of time expired coal-burning power stations in the 1990s, Willington and Donnington are two that spring to mind by where we live. However, these had been built in the 1930,s, but with Thorpe Marsh being built in 1959-63 and not being commisioned until 1963-4, then it's surprising it shut so soon?

      This from Wikipedia:
      Initially being operated by the Central Electricity Generating Board, the station was operated by National Power following privatisation in 1990. The station closed a few years later in 1994.[1] The 45 acres (18 ha) site was acquired by Able UK in 1995.[3] Much of the station has been demolished and now only its six cooling towers (each 340 ft (100 m) high and 260 ft (79 m) in diameter at the base), two ash slurry hoppers, railway sidings and the station's large adjacent electricity switching station still remain. The switching station was nearly flooded during the 2007 Yorkshire flood, which would have knocked the grid out according to news reports. The structures still stand now because it is feared that any explosion would cause the banks of the nearby canal to rupture.[4] They also contain asbestos, which would contaminate land for miles around the site. There have been several controversial proposals for the site, including a car distribution depot and more recently a huge landfill site, neither of which have proven popular with the local residents.

    8. dubdee 43 months ago | reply

      bedfordval2000 comment has reminded me that Kildare Coaches had a liking for Commer products and here is a photograph of a retired member of their fleet, flic.kr/p/7qzxnD

    9. Lady Wulfrun 43 months ago | reply

      I have more slides of Kildare Coaches, mainly yard shots.

    10. Gary S. Crutchley 43 months ago | reply

      Hi all,

      I reckon this was actually ex Central Coachways of Walsall, especially as it has a Walsall registration.

      Have a look at this:


    11. Lady Wulfrun 43 months ago | reply

      Very likey to be right Gary, the Don Everall coaches I remember had Wolverhampton registration plates. Thanks for the link.

    12. bedfordval2000 43 months ago | reply

      i agree it may have been a Central thinking since as it is a Walsall reg. There were a batch of theese!

    13. Gary S. Crutchley 43 months ago | reply

      Hi all,

      Thanks for the comments. My Dad actually drove these coaches for Central Coachways of Walsall, so he may well have driven this one! Apparently the two sky lights in the front of the roof had concertina blinds that were pulled down over them.

      Bedfordval2000: My Dad said that Central always bought their coaches in batches, and they always bought them new too. I remember as a child being taken to view new arrivals at the garage! I used to collect the vinyl Duple stickers they used to put on the windows for delivery!


    14. Old Sawley Youth 43 months ago | reply

      Willington and Donington were from the late-'fifties, LW.

    15. Old Sawley Youth 43 months ago | reply

      You're welcome, Your Ladyship.

      Meanwhile, a site with some background and rare photos



    16. Jampot2 37 months ago | reply

      Kildare Coaches of Adwick le Street also operated sister vehicle 147HDH as seen here;

      They also operated another similar Commer with your local Wolverhampton registration 337MDH as seen here;

      The Kildare business was eventually acquired by Smiths - Happiway - Spencers of Wigan in 1982 who wanted to establish a base in Yorkshire for their Eastern Tour programme. Some vehicles were acquired in the deal (of which I am still trying to trace) but were soon replaced by new Duple Dominant bodied Fords and Volvos from the main Smiths fleet. Smiths-Shearings finally closed the garage in 1988 when they moved into the former Paul Sykes premises on Wakefield Road, Barnsley. They remained there until the opening of the current modern coach interchange facility along side of the M62 at Normanton.

    17. Lady Wulfrun 37 months ago | reply

      Thanks JP, I do have some other colour pictures of this operator, but they are yard shots, so I haven't posted them.

    18. Jampot2 37 months ago | reply

      Would be nice to see them LW !

    19. alfiejack9 34 months ago | reply

      Yes Claire,see if you can dig em out.

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