The Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton, the four storey wing from 1937

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    The Royal Hospital in Wolverhampton, once the City’s’ main hospital was closed in 1997, its services being relocated to New Cross Hospital in nearby Wednesfield. Since then, the Royal, which had served the Town’s people since 1849 has been left unoccupied, quickly falling into a derelict state.

    However, Tesco in partnership with the local council and other organisations, have set about redeveloping and rejuvenating the former hospital. The plan is to refurbish the old buildings, creating a Primary Health Care facility, along with offices, shops, cafes, and the seemingly obligatory houses and apartments that are associated with these types of developments.

    As a result of this, all the more modern buildings that made up part of the complex have been demolished, leaving the original buildings standing, along with the four-storey wing that was built in 1937.

    The picture shows the 1937 four-storey wing that also once incorporated operating theatres, wards and a swimming pool. Due to financial constraints, the original plans for the wing dictated a three-storey building, however it was eventually built with four storeys. The curved steel-framed ends to the building are quite typical of the Art-Deco period, in which it was built. I don’t know what is planned for this building, but it’s nice to know that it will survive.

    The 1937 wing contained the following departments, when it was operational:

    Basement: Occupational Therapy, Swimming Pool, Instrument Curator.

    Ground 1st Floor: Graham Adams, Scott / Twentyman, Harper Millar wards.

    2nd and 3rd Floors: Sheldon / Langley wards.

    4th Floor: Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

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    1. Moon__Stone 72 months ago | reply

      I think if what is planned is still going to happen and some of the older parts of the buildings will be saved then that is at least something. :D :D It's just in this economic climate things don't tend to happen so readily and the buildings end up getting demolished anyway through vandalism etc. which would be so sad.

    2. rosieanjim 72 months ago | reply

      Are they still keeping the original entrance where it said the Royal was paid for by the people (or something like that} my mom told me everyone in the borough paid 1d out of their wages each week for the building of the Royal Hospital.

    3. Lady Wulfrun 72 months ago | reply

      Thank you all. :-)

      R&J, they certainly are:

      The Royal, Reborn

    4. Moon__Stone 72 months ago | reply

      I do hope it all comes good. Some parts of this building are beautiful.

    5. landyjon 61 months ago | reply

      Nice shot - brings back lots of memories. Mom was on Scott/Twentyman in 1981 for surgery for bowel cancer. She was very lucky -survived surgery and the cancer and is still about today nearly 30 years on. Her surgeon was Mr Grace (I'm told he was known as 'Rectal Roger' by the nurses - I think that was just a reference to his surgical specialism...). I remember visiting was strictly controlled - no-one allowed in early or allowed to stay late so there was always a queue by the door before visits and a tide of folk leaving at the end of visiting.

    6. rn1980 59 months ago | reply

      OMG. I was working on Scott/Twentyman when I found out I had passed my Nursing finals. It was one of the best wards I had encountered throughout my training and worked under the watchful eye of Sister Macari - little Irish lady with a stare to turn you to stone if you were not up to scratch on her ward.
      Yep, Rectal Roger Grace - his patients endured the dreaded Herculean enema prior surgery, Mr. Colin Williams - the tit man we called him, Mr. Marczak, Mr. McDougall - the consultants names are flooding back to me.
      Oh such happy days and scary night shifts with the Grey Lady ghost sweeping the corridors !!
      Those were the days, 30 years ago now - some of my happiest memories working with 'real' nurses and great team morale. I met and got chatting to a Practise nurse at work recently ( I moved into private care management after leaving the NHS ) about the old training regime and she said "you were a 'Royaly' weren't you?" as she recognised my technique of practise, we sat nattering for about an hour as she trained there too. Fantastic.

    7. Lady Wulfrun 59 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your memories.

    8. e.elmar 50 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Brings up memories working in Scott/Twentyman for Mr.Williams (and Sister Macari) being a Dutch house-officer in '89. Had a wonderful time, learning and experiencing a lot running through the catacombs when 'switchboard' called out an emergency when working a Friday to Sunday shift (1-in-3 rota's!). "Use the talents God gave you" Sister Macari said to my my artist-friend, inviting her to paint artistic Santa Clauses and Christmas trees on the wards windows. And indeed, the patients enjoyed it a lot...
      Thanks for the beautiful picture.

    9. Lady Wulfrun 50 months ago | reply

      Thank you for you comments and memories e.elmar; indeed thanks to everyone who has kindly commented.

    10. DizDiz 43 months ago | reply

      WOW!!! This is a wonderful building! I don't recall it from brief visits to The Royal though. Good to learn that funds have been found to restore it - and the modern eyesores razed, Clare! I must ask my mother about the site.

      Also wonderful, are the memories posted above. Grey Lady ghost, eh?

    11. Digital Disability 41 months ago | reply

      really nice, sorry to hear is is for demolishion :(

    12. duncanim 38 months ago | reply

      I'm sorry to confirm that, despite the opposition of Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society, last October the Council approved the demolition of this once fine building to make way for the Tesco superstore.

    13. Lady Wulfrun 38 months ago | reply

      That is sad news indeed.

    14. hazelpdine 36 months ago | reply

      Hi Ladywulfrun. I love the detail in this photo. They've taken down the trees at the side of the building now, I took some photos of it today.

    15. Lady Wulfrun 36 months ago | reply

      I do hope that they don't knock it down.

    16. stillasister40yearson 36 months ago | reply

      So many memories of this beautiful building, cadet nurse form 1969-1971 then srn training for 3 years , and for my sins , am still nursing!

    17. VickiW59 29 months ago | reply

      Also worked there with Sister Mcari.
      Was also on duty in 1981 when we had a fire in the night on Graham and Adam ward and had to evacuate!
      So many fantastic memories. Really fantastic hospital. It made me the nurse I am today. So proud.

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