Melliferopolis Workshop II
Understanding the Essence of Flowers -Exploring Pollen 12-14th June, 2013, Helsinki.

There is an intrinsic link between bees and flowers. In evolution they arose at the same time, bees feeding on nectar and pollen; the flowers relying on the pollinators for reproduction. Bees visiting flowers and harvesting their essence is a choreography that nature performs each year. In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the bees, who take it home in the form of scent and taste.

In this three-day workshop, we explored the environment of the Melliferopolis bees living on Harakka Island, in front of Helsinki, Finland.
First, we concentrated on the scientific aspects of the bees' surrounding in the chemistry laboratory built on the island in 1929 for military purposes.

In a second part, we focused on the poetic aspects of plants and pollinators, their relation and communication with each other. Inspired by these dynamics, we engage with the visual aspects of pollen, inviting drawing, painting and collage to reveal stories and metaphores behind this natural phenomenon of pollination.

The workshop was part of Aalto Biofilia –Base for Biological Arts program and took place in collaboration with Harakka Luontotalo of Helsinki Environmental Centre.
It was guided by Christina Stadlbauer (beekeeper, artist, chemist), Asta Ekman (chemist, responsable of the Harakka environmental laboratory) and Lina Kusaite (illustrator, artist), and facilitated by Aalto Biofilia project manager Ulla Taipale and lab manager Marika Hellman.

Photos by Tommi Taipale.
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