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Local Challenge 24 - To Arms! - Toberg Address | by THEDONALD13
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Local Challenge 24 - To Arms! - Toberg Address

Build for Loreos Local Challenge XXIV 'A Call to Arms' for Lands of Roawia.


"Thank you Headmaster." Lord Stout says with a reverence in his voice.


We have traveled from East Stowburn at the behest of your Headmaster to come and speak with the upperclassmen as you grind your way through these final weeks here at Toberg. My master at arms , Faroosh is downstairs schooling the underclassmen in hand to hand combat. Afterwards I suggest you go and watch him for a bit. He puts on quiet a show!


I am here to give you some first hand accounts of what battle and life on campaign will be like.


I don't know if you know who I am, or where I came from. I started as a nobody. A Stowburn Warf Rat with no allegiance to anybody or anything. As a youngin I witnessed a man being held at knife point and hit the assailant in the back of the head with an oar. I did this because he was holding up a wealthy merchant and thought I would have a shot at a payday if I helped him out. When I did the merchant gave me choice, a bag of silvers and would send me on my way, or I could go with him. Learn his trade and see a life beyond those docks. I chose the ladder.


I think of him fondly, more of a father than I had ever known. He taught me about money, where to find it and how to make it. He taught me how to ride, how to fight, how to lead, most importantly, how to be patient.


In a pitched battle a Loreesi force should always have the advantage. Even when outnumbered, rarely do the other factions oppose us.


Our affinity for the horse and it's advantages are our trademark. Warriors are taught from the time they can walk, how ride and manage a stable of horses. Often many of our Scout riders bring 3-6 horses on campaign. All equally trained and cared for. The horses are even a source of food in a pinch!" The auditorium gasped in horror, Loreesi horses are revered and to eat one is a crime punishable by trampling.


Lord Stout chuckled loudly, not thinking the classroom would turn so quickly to the worst case scenario. "No, no, no, we don't eat the horses! Mare's milk and little blood with sustain a man on the march for days.


One my first major commands I was led a supporting force into Outlaw territories. During the Great Orc Infighting, Stowburn took up arms with the Green Skins. We campaigned for months South of the border, fighting their Red faced comrades to a standstill. We eventually fought our way to steppes surrounding the Shade. There, we came across the largest Outlaw hoard I’d ever witnessed, a near 6000 men. Severely outnumbered we had to rely on our patience and superior tactics if we were to ever see Loreos again. I had a force of about 2400 men under my command. (1000 cavalry, 800 infantry and archers, 600 Green Skins)


We skirted their main forces for days, teasing them with our presence. On the sixth day we set camp at the base of a small hill and sent all but two units of our cavalry wide to the left & right. We baited their center to advance, knowing if they closed the gap too quickly they would easily overtake our token force holding the hill. As we slowly retreated higher up the incline we collapsed their flanks with our heavy horse. The battle ended with a daring charge by the reserves on the left, breaking their command units and their archers. Your Headmaster was the young leftenant who led the charge that broke the enemies back. The Crimson Hills and Spilled Fields East of the Shade are named after our victory."


A frenzied murmur came over the auditorium. Students excitedly whispering toward each other and soon a loud applause erupted. The Headmaster gave an icy stare into the crowd, but to no avail he relaxed and resigned himself to an approving nod.


"Now, your questions?" Lord Stout opened the floor for rousing discussion with the group.

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Uploaded on January 29, 2017