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GC XIV / Unrestricted / Lord Stout's Northern Command | by THEDONALD13
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GC XIV / Unrestricted / Lord Stout's Northern Command

Loreos is most known for it's cavalry, but they can bring to bear ground troops to support extendend campaigns. One of the largest garrisons is based at Northgate Reserve a facility on the North side of Stowburn mountain.


Northgate Reserve has been a bastion of Loressi defense in the Northeast. She has seen her fair share of sieges, but she has never been taken. In times of war and invasion the local population flocks to her protective bosom for safety.


Lord Stout is currently the steward of garrison and his Son Gerrick leads the Stowburn Pride, the Cavalry arm of their forces. Together they take their men out for maneuvers and training.



Pictured above -

Stowburn men

15 Pikemen

18 Heavy Infantry

17 Longbow men

10 Crossbowmen

3 Commanders & bannermen

8 Barded Pride Riders

3 Lord Stout's Command unit


5 Aerani


Salus Men

35 Spearmen

10 Heavy Infantry

10 Command unit


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Uploaded on December 17, 2016