Live Oaks, Tree Lined Street, Old Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

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    A pretty tree lined street with charming old cottages and homes. This photo was taken in one of the many wonderful neighborhoods located along Historic Metairie Road in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The area is filled with beautiful trees, flowers, quaint cottages and newer family homes.

    This area lies in the Hoey's Basin. The Hoey's Basin Drainage Alliance was formed by concerned citizens of Jefferson Parish representing all of the Hoey's neighborhoods. We are committed to working together with our neighbors, business and civic leaders, and elected officials to create a permanent drainage solution to rebuild and keep our neighborhoods 'dry'. This issue not only impacts over 3,000 households and businesses, but the entire parish as well. Indeed, this area provides over $14,000,000 in annual property taxes to the parish and includes some of the most valuable real estate in the parish, often referred to as it's 'crown Jewel'. The Hoey's Basin also includes vital commercial and industrial infrastructures.

    Most professionals agree that 'PUMP TO THE RIVER' with its additional capacity, as an alternative to continued pumping to the 17th Street Canal, provides the best
    solution to the drainage problems of the Hoey's Basin, which is up to 6 feet below sea level. Such a solution would address the well known old and new problems in the 17th Street Canal, and remove both rain water as well as flood water.

    Our official website addrsses are or

    Stay tuned for exciting updates and details...and more photos.

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