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50+1 Random Thoughts | by 7D7 Studio (Omar)
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50+1 Random Thoughts

Photo by Hvnly; Thanks for taking the shot, had I waited for tripod and remote, cereal would have been soggy.


1. I complain… …about everything! But I think I’m getting wiser and better at it with age.

2. I love coffee just the same as beer.

3. I love reading; I wish I had more time to do it.

4. Music is my mistress and I love creating memories with her; yes she’s female!

5. I love to travel for it broadens my horizon.

6. I commute 56 hours every month.

7. “Popular to Contrary Belief” - I’m no longer accepting marriage proposals.

8. I can cook; this is why I’m highly coveted by the female gender.

9. <-- Is my favorite number.

10. I like being a loner.

11. I drove a car for the first time at the age of thirteen and it was stick shift.

12. Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows.

13. I stopped a fight between two girls in high school and I got punched by one of them in the stomach. I stepped in because one girl was showing her boobs since her shirt and bra was ripped.

14. I’ve been kicked in the face.

15. CNN and NPR entertain me while I’m home or in the car.

16. I’ve always wondered if the Heimlich maneuver works in outer space; force and gravity are things I’m concerned about if I’m ever found in that environment.

17. As a kid I was hit in the head with the piñata palo (stick), and they put manteca (lard) where I was hit so I wouldn’t get a bump; folks, it didn’t work.

18. I was the first kid to read in my class and was paraded from room to room demonstrating; I read a book about Tron.

19. I love to sleep in.

20. I like my spectacles.

21. I forgot what I wanted to be as a child.

22. I detest ignorance.

23. I would look at girl’s shoes to determine if I would date them.

24. I consider myself a renaissance man and very eclectic.

25. I’ve cut back on courtesy flushes to conserve water and I try to turn off the water when I shampoo my hair and scrub my body.

26. My favorite play is The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams.

27. I would like to own an Eichler home in Diamond Heights, San Francisco.

28. At one point I wanted to get rid of my middle name, Ignacio.

29. I’m the only child in my family with a middle name; I have 6 siblings.

30. This is turning out to be harder than I thought; fuck!

31. The Force is always with me, but Star Wars nerds ruin it for cool guys like me.

32. The first memory of a nude person is of my sister; I was three years old and I remember standing there thinking why is her body different than mine? That same moment my other sister came out of nowhere and pulled my hair and dragged my ass and told mother what I was doing. I don’t remember what happened after that.

33. <-- Was Larry Bird’s jersey number.

34. I don’t believe in “Consequence & Effect” or what we “westerners” think of as karma; your life goes through good and bad times, lets leave it at that.

35. Don’t like it when people lie and make up things to make the story more compelling or interesting.

36. I write notes to myself every day; anything from thoughts, ideas, something about music, and items to look up and learn.

37. I was a DJ for a few years, from backyard boogies to clubs; Desi’s initials are DJ because of this.

38. I worked at a theater for one day, I sold the popcorn.

39. I took care of an elderly couple for a year. They were Jewish and when I’d come back to their room with their meals they would card me to make sure I wasn’t a German Soldier.

40. I’m allergic to penicillin.

41. I was hit by a car at the age of four and my clavicle was broken.

42. I’m getting married soon!

43. I wake up with morning wood.

44. If you forward me a joke through email you get blocked ASAP.

45. I’m an outgoing guy, but I don’t like making new friends.

46. I don’t like family gatherings.

47. I was not a fan of the holidays, it recently changed but I can still be a Scrooge.

48. I know what I would like my grave to read.

49. I love photography.

50. I love/hate the fact that when I look at the world, I see in “rule of thirds”, and I constantly make mental notes of framed shots.

51. All you’ve read here today can’t be used against me in a court of law.


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Taken on November 27, 2007