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This guy's face! i'm like paying him back for the photo he put for me.
listening to this! total amazingness!!

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  1. Rawan Mohammad .. 49 months ago | reply

    is that hamad ? =D

  2. JAWS an illusion 49 months ago | reply

    Hi Friend,
    Very Nice Shot.
    I'm an admin for a group called People - Life of the time., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Hearty welcome to join our group.

  3. Hamad A. Alajmi - www.Q8italk.com 49 months ago | reply

    Niahahahaha :D
    y3ni one by one
    walla n'9ra qweeya 0o 3jbni focus..

  4. Sara Al-Rayes(KWT) 49 months ago | reply

    What a shot!!!!E3jbatni 7aaaail!!!!!!,

  5. Creativa 49 months ago | reply

    That's an excellent portait.
    Why? because unlike many photos I see everyday this one should the spirit of the person and totally gets you in the mood of the photo.
    w 3ash el.model : )
    y36ekom el.3afya!

  6. Dhoha_Al (klkchya) [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

    خوووش لقطة خييي
    عساك عالقووة

  7. M. Al-Dhafeeri "Pirate" 49 months ago | reply

    Well done :D Neat Image :D

  8. Jolie Q8 49 months ago | reply

    i love the tone ;P wanasah you're working together :P!!!! wala shakla 6ay7ela ta9weeeeer :P

  9. Meshari Karkari 49 months ago | reply

    wala 7esbaly clint eastwood =Pp
    nice =D

  10. Danah Abdulaziz 49 months ago | reply

    wow, mashallah
    totally spectacular,, the shades are amaaazing, really it's one of the great photos i've seen in a while,, well done ^^

  11. mpaulda™ 49 months ago | reply

    you've done him great justice!

  12. Socceraholic 49 months ago | reply

    hehehe, thanks a lot everyone! :) thanks a lot!

  13. Ghadeer Q 49 months ago | reply

    going up in alhamra tower !!
    nice crop and background engineer

  14. Pasacallia 49 months ago | reply

    Such a fantastic portrait! I love the colours and the expression in his eyes.

  15. espressoDOM 49 months ago | reply

    interesting composition....

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  16. Moayad Hassan 49 months ago | reply

    Wonderful tones, light and exposure.

    I liked the facial expression as well.

  17. SoSoWa 49 months ago | reply

    nice shot

  18. Stevacek 49 months ago | reply

    Really cool portrait..

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