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8th Ave Protected Lane

The 8th Ave Lane was mostly striped between 34th & 59th, but was not yet painted green, and none of the ped islands had been installed when this photo was taken.


Also, this photo shows how the protection ends at 56th street, where the lane becomes a buffered bike lane for one block until 57th Street. At 57th Street, there is a bike box, where cyclists are supposed to cross to the east side of the street. From 57th to Columbus Circle, it appears that there will be either a bike lane or sharrows. In Columbus Circle, there is small section of buffered bike lane and little else guiding cyclists through. It is this type of weak connection between facilities that is DOT's biggest weakness right now. While the overall project is very well designed, this section fails to meet the 8-80 standard and poses a major obstacle to less experienced cyclists.

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Taken on May 25, 2012