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Nikon Roadmap Timeline - Rumors - Future launching - UPDATED Q2 2014

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2014/04/08: Added D9300 rumor. D3300 new camera. D800s rumor. D7200 rumor.
2014/03/03: Added D4S + Launching updates (No idea what to do with NIKON DF. Ideas welcomed)
2013/10/17: D610 // D5300 // D3300 RUMOR + Adjusted dates for D4X and D400
2013/07/06: Reorganized chart with Sensor type ready for Canon chart comparison.
2013/02/25: Added NEW NIKON 7100
2013/01/20: 2015 prediction + D4S prediction + D9000/D7200 prediction
2012/11/08 : Added NEW NIKON D5200 + D600
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
En vista que ya me han preguntado varias veces qué camara comprar, cual es mejor y cual no, he hecho este pequeño gráfico de las cámaras nikon en función de su fecha de lanzamiento. Espero que sirva para quien lo necesite.

Given that I've already been asked several times what camera to buy, which is better and what not, I made this little Nikon cameras chart based on their release date. I hope it is helpful for those who need it.

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  1. Koen langs de baan 6 months ago | reply

    :-) Could you explain me what 'expeed4' means, but I agree with you that they are waiting to long with the D400.

  2. _Hadock_ 6 months ago | reply

    nice D200... I am still shooting with my D80

  3. _Hadock_ 6 months ago | reply

    New image chip. It seems it is capable of shooting video up to 1080@60 fps nice feature. We will see the tests

  4. Jims_photos 6 months ago | reply

    Wonderful capture

  5. b#Photo 5 months ago | reply

    I too shoot with a D80 and am ready to upgrade but if a D400 is on the horizon I may wait a little longer. Is the roadmap an educated guess or do you have any insider knowledge?

  6. _Hadock_ 4 months ago | reply

    No insider knowledge at all sorry about that, just reading forums, posts and rumors over the net. Can not understand why D400 has not been released jet. I think it it is one of the most demanded cameras. Maybe this year Canon shows a new 7D mark II and this pushes Nikon to the D400...

  7. _Hadock_ 4 months ago | reply

    Y parece que el ritmo ha subido... ya van 72000!

  8. b#Photo 3 months ago | reply

    I hope so. There's a rumor on cameraegg.com (www.cameraegg.org/category/canon-eos-7d-mark-ii/) that mentions the Canon 7D being announced in March.

  9. _Hadock_ 3 months ago | reply

    Hiya! I've already seen that rumor as well. I am following closely that Canon rumor as well. What everybody says that by the time canon releases the new 7D mark II nikon will be ready to show up the d400... Who knows. I;ve been waiting more than three years to that camera. A good idea from my point of view would be to divide D7x00 range in two. The D7200 could have the same screen as the D5300 so it would be focused on not as pro photographers. The D400 could fit perfectly that way. I hope that Canon makes that move and force Nikon to release the D400..

  10. b#Photo 3 months ago | reply

    I hope so too. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

  11. shinnygogo 2 months ago | reply

    man confusing line-up.

  12. _Hadock_ 2 months ago | reply

    Canon & Nikon agreed to cofuse all us...

  13. _Hadock_ 2 months ago | reply

    BTW... No idea what to do with NIKON DF. Ideas welcomed

  14. dnoseworth 2 months ago | reply

    Excellent capture and thanks for the info

  15. _Hadock_ 2 months ago | reply

    Thanks to you for the comment. I try to keep it up to date as much as I can

  16. _Hadock_ 5 weeks ago | reply


  17. popihmt 10 days ago | reply

    cómo consigues esa bestialidad de visitas?

  18. _Hadock_ 9 days ago | reply

    No te puedes fiar mucho del tema de las visitas... estos dias Flickr lleva una empanada bastnate grande con las estadisticas y la forma de contabilizar una visita... Parece que hoy otra vez ha vuelto al sistema que estaba hace un par de semanas. Este nuevo layout esta dando bastantes mas problemas de los que esperaban. La tabla ya ves que la voy actualizando trimestre a trimestre, y muchos foros y paginas la usan como referencia a la hora de hablar de las camaras de nikon. La busqueda mas comun suele ser, que camara me compro?. Tambien en google aparece de las primeras fotos cuando buscas productos de nikon futuros o rumores de nikon y demas.... tengo una de canon pero la tengo muy abandonada. Tu tampoco puedes quejarte de visitas con esas fotos ;)

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