"All Hands on Deck" is the annual public service day, which is organized by Alexandria's Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC). Initiated in 2010 by the EOC Chair, Allison Silberberg, "All Hands on Deck" selects a local nonprofit once a year, does a mini-makeover and gathers donated goods from across the community for the local nonprofit.

"All Hands on Deck" is an all-volunteer event, and all supplies and goods are donated from businesses and individuals around the community. In 2011, with 100 volunteers, including a few dozen from Home Depot, the EOC focused on the Alexandria Community Shelter, which is the city's shelter.

"All Hands on Deck" raises awareness about unmet social needs while letting our city's most vulnerable know that the greater community cares deeply.

The EOC serves as an advocate for the city's most vulnerable with a sharp focus on job creation and affordable housing.

To learn more about the EOC and to see all media hits and a short video about "All Hands on Deck," please see the EOC site: alexandriava.gov/EconomicOpportunities

Or see the "Outreach" page of Allison's web site: allisonsilberberg.com
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