31 Digits - iProject 1.
Nowadays, new technologies have become an inalienable part of our life, transforming not only ways of thinking, working, living, but also how we create the art. Contemporary art is characterised by its persistent tendency to question the conventional notion of painting as the dominant medium of representation. Broadening art horizons, new technologies facilitate new forms of creative work. As the result of the cultural and technological development, a new kind of art – new media art – has emerged.

New media art is a term used to describe works of art that use digital technology, be it computers or animations or lately, even iPhones and iPads.

"31 Digits" is the first of the series online project by Nadja Ryzhakova introducing iPainting as a progressive form of art made on iPad with a digital finger painting application.

In her project Nadja Ryzhakova will be using this technique and the iPad as a visual diary, creating one image every day throughout the month of May. The images will be uploaded online at the end of each day in order to be accessible to the online audience, thus creating communication and sharing.

According to inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil the evolution of biological life and the evolution of technology have followed the same pattern. They both tend to delay developing at the beginning, but progressions accumulate and trigger the eruption of progress at an increasingly furious pace. In the same way, “31 Digits” is born today and starts its development over 31 days. Although little has been revealed so far, follow it on Flickr to explore creative capacity of iPad and to discover something new about “31 Digits” every day.

Text: Ksenya Blokhina, Nadja Ryzhakova.
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