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Tomcat | by PassionOrigami
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My own interpretation of my simple cat (diagram here =


After some tests shaping the muzzle and change the size of the head, I wanted to know what's happen with a graft on the head to bring details. I noticed that with a specific widh, the graft bring a nice color change on the body with the possibility to shape back legs. Then I worked on the muzzle, rearranging the layers to discover more possibilities. I liked a lot one way where I pull out a trapped layer to create a kind of collar and make free some flaps for the ears. This collar give me the idea to transform the cat into a tomcat. But something was missing still on the head. So I played with the layers to bring more details, make 3D the ears and create the mustaches. The hidden back flap was used, not to create the second back legs like I did at right side, but to create the left front leg. And Voila, the Tomcat was born.

I tested several papers to fold it.. I wanted a visible change of color. I tested first on Unkashi Hanairo paper (a Gray/ light brown kraft with fur texture). Then, I wanted rather a white collar with fur texture for the white part. So my second choice was to use a white Unryu.

This thin paper is slightly transparent so we can't glue on a foil (so no washi deluxe for example). Tissue-foil could be a good choice but this model doesn't need foil for the shaping. On contrary an heavy paper bring thickness so the shadows under the mustache could be highlight. Kinumomi and Elephant paper could be good choice for that. But I wanted a more textured paper. So I choose the Octa paper.

About the color, the dark brown color make the white fibers visible. More over, It softens the brilliant whiteness of unryu.

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Uploaded on March 10, 2017