Stone Wall

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Very old stone wall on Uncle Johnny's homeland in Mayo

Spot the cement if you can...

Rinn, Kilkelly

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  1. Peadar O'Sullivan ages ago | reply

    Would like to see what I could do with this in Photoshop.

  2. ladyb ages ago | reply

    fire ahead.... :o)

  3. entertaining spoon [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Looks solid enough without cement. The crap they built in the 1960's are being torn down as we speak. There must be a lesson in there somewhere

  4. Peadar O'Sullivan ages ago | reply

    Ladyb, I'll do it when I get home, as I'm supposed to be working now.


  5. Peadar O'Sullivan ages ago | reply

    Here's your wall, ladyb.
    Sorry for being so lazy with it.
    I'm liking dark things lately...

  6. ladyb ages ago | reply

    Hey Peadar, Nice job...I was worried you might try adding colour to it, and I kind of liked the greyness...this is cool, will save, thanks...

    Now I have to return the favour and Photoblast one of your footballers ;op

  7. Peadar O'Sullivan ages ago | reply

    I'm very proctective of my footballers!
    You can have the Leinster rugby shots, if you like. :-)


  8. absorbing beginner [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Nice Shot. Reminded me of this exhibition.

  9. ladyb ages ago | reply

    Thanks Conor, I love Sean Scully's work...tried to buy a piece of his at some auctions but have always been outbid so far :o(

  10. Darren G2007 ages ago | reply

    Dry stone wall, with just a wee bit of cement at the base, very nice !

  11. ladyb ages ago | reply cement in that wall Darren..

  12. MacGBeing ages ago | reply

    Ahhh....I was gonna say no cement :(
    I'm very competitive........ but you've robbed me of the chance of lifting my sweatshirt over my head and running round my studio.

  13. ladyb ages ago | reply

    Sorry, promise to pose another game soon :o)

  14. MacGBeing ages ago | reply


    We should be outside taking photos.
    Look at that blue sky.....and the clock goes forward on Sat. WuHoo!

    Just had a look out the West Wing window - clouds approaching.
    And that ends the weather report from D9.

  15. ladyb ages ago | reply

    I know Mac...just passed the same comment about being about outside taking photos to someone else :o)

  16. .finding.ireland. ages ago | reply

    these are like paintings, all unique & perfect in their simplicity...

  17. .finding.ireland. ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  18. Yaronimus Maximus ages ago | reply

    hello. i saw your picture and it's just a kind of picture i need for a project i'm working on now.

    would you mind if i use this picture?

    im a design student and this image won't be used for a commercial use (except if i publish this work one of these days).

    thanks for your quick reply, yaronimus

  19. ladyb ages ago | reply

    go for it, can you please email or link me the final result though?

    Thanks, and good luck :o)

  20. Yaronimus Maximus ages ago | reply

    cool :)
    i usualy use pictures in a photo montage, so im not sure if you'd recognise it, but i will definetly send you the result if i use it.

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