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Blueberry - 10 x Premium Membership Give Aways and Changes | by Blueberryxx
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Blueberry - 10 x Premium Membership Give Aways and Changes

I have some important and very happy changes regarding Blueberry, and I would love to celebrate the new vibes with you all.


We now have a Blueberry Store VIP group, which will remain free for the time being.


Blueberry Store VIP - secondlife:///app/group/3e300d6c-e4d5-5e30-fe61-1c46a10fa2ca/about


Watch this gif to how to copy and paste the link to your chat and join the group.


-Release Changes (Upgrades?)

Going forward, all store releases will be done on Thursday. We will post work in progress minimum 2 days prior to the releases so you all can give me your input and request options. I love it when you guys give suggestions and we create 1 massive lag monster of a HUD.


-Why are we creating a new group?

Right now we have over 62000 members in the group and while I am so grateful, the group is simply not functioning. Our notices don't go through, members can't opt out of chat, or chat simply won't work. We can't send objects through notices and we can't offer the kind of deals and events we can under these limitations.


-Will the Blueberry Store group be deleted?

Never. We are keeping it. We will be active in it and we will send the same notices to both groups. You do not need to be in both groups.


-Why should I join the Blueberry Store VIP group?

For the first 2 weeks, your purchases will earn you 20% credit which is 4 times more credit than it is set up right now. Once the 2 weeks are over, the VIP members will earn 10% credit which would be the double amount of credit earned compared to how it was set up.

We want to be able to offer you VIP exclusive deals on a regular basis, just like the one we are doing right now with the SL Premium Annual Membership and shopping related offers that you would not want to miss as a customer at Blueberry. But most importantly, a whole lot less lag and no more missed notices. Meep!


-10 x SL Premium 1 Year Memberships - How is this going to work?

First of all thank you to the Lindens, they are amazing and they made this give away possible. By joining the Blueberry Store VIP group, you automatically enter the give away. Our amazing script genius Ashur will automate this to give us random 5 names at the end of first week (End of next Sunday) and 5 more at the end of following Sunday. Only condition is that you are an existent customer with at least 1 purchase (so our vendor system would have your name recorded and entered to the give away) and you are in the Blueberry Store VIP group.


-What if I already have a premium account, what then?

You have 3 options, we can extend your premium membership by an entire year, or you can gift it to the person of your choice. Lastly, you can trade it in for 10,000 store credit or gift card. Yup!


Thank you so much for participating, please share and spread the word <3

All the love,

Blueberry Team

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Uploaded on August 5, 2018