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KICKSTARTER series #1 | by !snap!
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The Odan Project

I've just launched this new work as a kickstarter to help finish it. There is a nice video that shows this moc from many views.


This will be an epic series of sculptures built entirely out of Lego, themed around the imaginary world of Odan. Each Kickstarter project in this series will help to support one very large sculpture. Pieces will range from castle-type capital cities – such as this first Kickstarter work – to future works which cover fantastical nations of evil, beauty, exotica, spiritual/cultural centers and much more. Each model will be micro scale but super sized at around 6' high. I estimate perhaps 100k-150k pieces to build it.


YOU tell ME how to evolve this city.

What you will see in the video and as the main picture on Kickstarter is only what I've currently finished – which is about 1/2 or so the final piece. The final piece will be much taller and fuller than pictured here so far. As I finish this work, the city will eventually tower above its current height and to each side of where the city currently stands.


Your funding will help determine how the capital city K'al Yne will evolve. More funding at the levels of the Farm Manor, Miller, Bailiff and Landlord packages will evolve the village area. The Priest, Bishop, Seer and Disciple packages raise the consciousness of this kingdom. Bureaucrat and higher priced royal/noble packages will build up the more spectacular parts of the city. The Beastmaster and General increase the military side of the city. Each funding will effect the storyline of K'al Yne. It should be a lot of fun to see how this grows! By the way, if you think of another package or object that would be cool to create, let me know and I might do it. :)


In order to make these models as exceptional as I believe they need to be, I need your help in acquiring Lego materials for the build. I would expect this work to go above 100,000 - 150,000 Lego pieces. While I have many pieces, I don't have this many on hand and often there are special needs for hundreds and thousands of identical bits that I don't have. Lego bits are only a few cents each (on average 6-10¢). But, when buying 50,000k or more bits, it adds up very quickly. Additionally, money donated will go to a few smaller matters, like a larger table to build on and tripod to photograph from. Money will also go towards paper, ink, printing and packaging/shipping.


Thanks so much for your support at any level!!

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Taken on October 5, 2012